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There are various things recommended for weight management for adults. Different kinds of diets, fad diets and exercise plans. There are also some good online yoga fitness plans as well. However, we relate weight in isolation, mainly with food and these days with some exercise. However, this is a lot more at play than food habits or exercise. Stress is another element directly linked to weight loss or managing our body’s fat. If you think you have prolonged stress, it may increase your weight gradually. One of the best options to manage stress is to follow our online stress management routine.

In addition to diet, exercise and stress, we need to understand one more aspect; that is, thoughts and emotions. The body is controlled and managed by the nervous system and all its constituents including the brain. There are parts of the system which are in your conscious control and some parts which are involuntary, like the internal organs. Certain organs have to keep functioning and you cannot consciously control them in order for you to live. Examples are the heart, lungs, digestive and other internal organs.

Even though the conscious mind has no direct control, all thoughts and emotions impact the other organs based on the state of the mind. Similarly, the mind has no direct control on the digestive organs as they function involuntarily. But the emotions, desires and appetite center lies in the brain in the hypothalamus. So what is the connection between all of these?

Research has shown that even the involuntary muscles of the digestive system are affected by our emotional state. So our digestion is indirectly and unconsciously controlled by our thoughts and the hypothalamus in the brain. When we are in a certain state of mind or thinking thoughts, some different directions go out to the digestive organs and they start functioning in a different manner. So our style of thinking, negative thoughts, emotions and material cravings, all of them will impact digestion. When digestion is impacted negatively, the net result is always storing more sugar or fat because there is incorrect absorption and assimilation of food.

If you are an emotional person (even though you do not express them), the constant waves of emotions cause the wrong messages to be sent to the digestive organs. Sometimes the coordination between these organs and the brain gets impaired. That is the reason why we sometimes intensely crave food even though we are full. We crave for certain kinds of tastes or food.

All of this internal conflict and emotional tension causes gastric troubles and gradually impacts the digestive processes. These problems (sometimes you are not even aware of reduced digestive capacity) lead to weight management problems and other health issues. In addition, the internal system starts getting stressed and causes stress hormones to be released when not required. This is not good for the body.

A combination of emotions, anxiety, stress and an a faulty digestive system gives rise to internal stress and also impacts the endocrine functions, circulatory systems and the heart. The net result is putting on fat or unhealthy weight. This is gradually followed by lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac problems, ulcers, sexual impairment and even some forms of cancer.

The more emotional you are, the less healthy you may become. The idea is to not suppress your emotions but learn to control them and gradually sublimate them. That is why it is said that one must eat joyfully at the same times, sitting quietly. Try and eat alone without talking, working, watching television or fiddling with your smartphone.

The solution is to learn to control and manage your emotions if you want to remain healthy. The only philosophy and discipline which helps in this is Yoga. Yoga helps control these involuntary brain centers. Yoga will also make you more calm and emotionally stable. Additionally it will dramatically improve the digestive systems at the same time. Start one of our online yoga programs to become healthier and reduce weight.

By Team Wellzee | December 2nd, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

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