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Diet drinks

There is a contradiction these days. We all want to lose weight or become fit, but we are not aware what not to eat or drink. Many times, we may be aware but still have things we are not supposed to. Once we start becoming fat, we search for online diet plans to lose weight. One of the things to be avoided are all forms of sweetened drinks whether colas, energy drinks or even packaged juices.

There is ample research and evidence around to show that sweetened drinks sweetened with sugar or with sugar free substitutes and soft drinks not only make you fat but also unhealthy.

Even fruit juices can make you fat. They are put forward as a health drink but even the unsweetened juices contain a lot of sugar. There are many varieties of natural fruit juices which contain the same or greater amount of sugar than soft drinks or other sweetened drinks. This is because, fruits contain fructose, which is pure sugar. When we only take the juice, what we are essentially doing is getting rid of the healthy fiber and nutrients and only consuming the raw concentrated sugar with just a few nutrients. So having juices all the time thinking we will be healthy or lose weight is incorrect.

Regular consumption of sweet drinks (whether natural, with added sugar or with sugar free substitutes) changes your metabolism in the following ways:

  • They dull the perception of sugars, so eventually you tend to drink or eat more sugary drinks and food. This leads to sugar insensitivity and leads to having more sugar and storing more sugar. The net result is fat and diabetes.
  • Muscle performance is negatively impacted by sugar. Internal muscles sense sugars and become less efficient even in the future. Too much of sugar is not good even for the muscles. One should therefore, take a balanced diet plan from to eat correctly.
  • The cells in the body quickly get used to sugars as a direct fuel, leading to a fat and glucose build up. This is because there are only two ways in which the body can store and release energy. All energy in the body, especially sugar, is stored as fat. The body can only use energy when released in the form of sugar (glucose).
  • This results in a cycle of sugar and fat leading to problems; core and stubborn fat retention and diabetes and related future diseases.

Substitute soft drinks, colas and juices with milk, green tea, herbal tea, fresh lime juice, buttermilk, smoothies or milk shakes. Add only a little sugar to taste (half to one teaspoon maximum) in any of these drinks.

To eat healthy, opt for our online diet plans. They have minimal to negligible sugar and will still tickle your taste buds.

By Team Wellzee | October 13th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

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