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Feeling Less Energetic

We are all rushing around and involved in a lot of different activities on a daily basis. Even if we may not be exerting ourselves physically, our mind is constantly at work. Even when we are on holiday or on a weekend, we are constantly engaged with electronic media and the internet. All this leads to depletion of energy. There are many times you feel tired, haggard and exhausted even though you have not done anything physical.

This tiredness happens more frequently if you are grappling with deadlines or have late hours. Work related aspects are the most energy draining in many countries. Add to this the challenge of travelling for work and the problem is compounded.

What are the Solutions to Gain Energy

There are many things which can be done to get energetic. Sleeping well and on time is a key factor. Taking a fifteen to twenty minutes break after lunch and dozing off is also a good idea. Walking on a regular basis helps in this. In addition there are many relaxation techniques and even some therapies available to rejuvenate.

The Most Important Factor

Out of the many things we can do, we tend to forget the most important factor to remain energetic. It is food. Food is meant as fuel and nutrition for the body. However, this is the one aspect we ignore or forget. It is important to know what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and how to eat. All of these aspects help us to maintain and enhance energy and enthusiasm. If we do not pay attention, then we start becoming lazy, dull or lethargic. This in turn impacts our lifestyle and state of mind. We may get mood swings or start feeling ‘low’.

What To Eat and Drink

We need to eat light, energy giving foods rather than junk foods. Energy foods are the ones which keep you fresh and also keep providing adequate nutrition. These food and drinks do not load the system or cause lethary. It is important to note over here that coffee (and any other artificial energy drink) is not an energy drink at all. So do not think this is a good thing to have. You feel temporarily refreshed, but things go downhill with continuous consumption.

Food To Eat

There are a lot of things you can munch on in small quantities through the day to keep up your energy levels. Fruits, chana (roasted gram), a small handful of peanuts, a few dry fruits, some dates, sprouts, brown bread vegetable sandwich, kurmura (puffed rice flakes), popped jowar, chapatti with honey spread on it, idli and dhoklas are all good foods to have to keep up your energy. Vegetarian foods will help you keep light and get you adequate nutrition. You may have these in very small quantities during the day and in between light meals.

Beverages To Have

The beverages which you can have and help a lot are many. Some of these are a meal by themselves. The four most important and nutritious beverages you can have are fresh coconut water, buttermilk (chhaas), lime juice (nimbu paani) and milk infused with herbs and condiments like ginger, turmeric and lemon grass. These provide electrolytes, micro nutrients and essential salts. In addition they help flush out toxins and make you feel refreshed, light and energetic.

If you are feeling tired, low or lethargic over a period of time and continue to feel the same way; try these foods and beverages to remain energetic at all times. For a long terms sustained balanced diet plan, visit us and take a plan of your choice. 

By Team Wellzee | February 27th, 2015 | LEAVE A COMMENT

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