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Festival Time

India is in the midst of the festival season. Starting with Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Vijayadashmi, Diwali and ending with Christmas. At this time the weather undergoes a change across the country from wet and hot to October heat to autumn. Winters are getting deferred and cold weather is now a bit in arriving. This time is challenging for most people with poor immune systems, diseases or those prone to illnesses. Making this worse is the proliferation of viruses and problems like dengue, malaria and viral fevers. Asthma and other respiratory diseases also shoot up at this time.

Factors For Increased Illness

There are many reasons why illnesses increase or worsen at this time. Some of the most significant reasons are:

a) Erratic weather – The weather at this time is erratic. It is hot at times and suddenly becomes cool. There are showers and it ranges from very sunny to cloudy. Temperature fluctuations are high. This leads to triggering immunity related problems, especially breathing problems.

b) Still air and allergens – During this season, the air is very still and there is less breeze. Allergens, smoke and other pollutants remain low in the air. We inhale these, causing various problems. In addition, this is the right time for air bound sicknesses to spread as well.

c) Atmospheric pollution – Most of the towns and cities in India are very heavily polluted. Pollution combined with colder weather results in smog which hangs low. Added to this are pollutants like smoke from fire crackers and indoor smoke from dhoops and agarbattis. This pollution and irritants tend to make us sick.

d) Noise pollution – Festive seasons in India are very loud and consistently noisy. It is a proven fact that high levels of noise cause stress and weaken the immune system leading to diseases or becoming susceptible to viruses.

e) Food – Indians are not really known to eat healthy food. However, this becomes worse during festivals. We tend to go overboard under the garb of festivals and gorge on lots of sweets, rich foods and fried foods. We also celebrate together as families and have family dinners, food parties and late dinners. We tend to drink a lot, over eat and have lots of heavy food. It is no wonder that we fall ill.

However, there are quite a few things we can do which can keep us healthy during festivals. Some of the following tips derived from the body of Yoga will go a long way in enjoying festivals.

  • Every morning on waking up and before going to bed, sip a glass of warm water (250 to 300 ml). This will not only help keep your respiratory tract in order but also keep your digestion, healthy.
  • Through the day, eat all the fancy food you want but have very small quantities. Example; have small pieces of mithai or four to five pieces of nuts. If you want to have something fried, have very small portions. If you like rich food, restrict the quantities.
  • Eat less food each time but eat for four to six times a day. Avoid having large meals after 8 p.m. As this will put a strain on all your systems. If you feel hungry later, you may have a small cup of milk or a fruit.
  • Try and sip a glass of fresh turmeric milk (haldi) with breakfast or anytime during the day. Hot turmeric milk will help you maintain your immunity.
  • If you want to exercise or go outdoors for walks, make sure you do it after sunrise or before 8 p.m. During very early mornings and late evenings, smog descends lower in the atmosphere causing pollutants to enter your system.
  • Avoid places where there is a lot of smoke. If you want to go out, then keep your face covered with a handkerchief. Definitely avoid firecrackers and noisy places.
  • Totally avoid alcohol and smoking. These are not too great anyway.
  • Practice Yoga. One of the best free online yoga programs is to be found on

However, the most important tip is to be very joyous and happy this festive season. If the mind is happy and occupied, you will forget diseases or infections. So have a great time this Diwali and enjoy lights, colors, food and festivities with wellzee balanced diet plans and yoga programs.

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