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Body Postures and Fitness Connection

On a normal daily basis, we do not pay any attention to our own anatomy or body postures. We are totally unaware as to how our body is moving and what we are doing. This is also true for persons who are in exercising, weight training or athletics. Are we aware as to how we use our hands and legs? How do we grasp or twist or bend? In fact there are so many simple things we take for granted; like sitting down and getting up or lying down on the bed.

You may well ask as to what is the connection between all these and fitness? The human body is one fully inter-connected structure which is held in place by the musculo-skeletal system. Any impact in any place affects the whole body. If your back has a weakness then over a period of time, fitness will suffer. If you have a knee problem, you can exercise less, causing weight gain.

Key Body Parts

The key body parts which get impacted continuously (due to incorrect postures) are the back, spine and heart. It is obvious that these are the key parts which keep the body active every instant. Surprisingly, most fitness professionals as also health professionals are not aware as to certain basic guidelines about postures and movements. There is also minimal awareness about exercising. Moderation is the key in everything. Also, all exercises are not suited for everyone. If you want fat related weight loss, it is not going to happen by weight training in a gym. It can only cause damage.

Similarly, running and practicing for marathons is the surest way to damage your knees in the long run. There are many such facts available; it is just that we do not know them or ignore them. How can running be bad for health? Our ego does not allow us to accept this.

Postures and Movements

Having understood the importance of postures and movements, let us look at the key movements which cause a lot of problems in the long run (in all age groups).

Sitting Correctly

The worst way to sit is in a chair or a sofa with your feet down on the floor. This is how we actually sit throughout our lives without realizing how damaging it can be.

The best way to sit is with your feet up and folded in a cross legged position. We can keep shifting the legs on either side to provide relief, but the feet have to be up at the hip level. Keeping your legs up have a huge benefit for the heart. The workload of the heart is cut by fifty percent or more, just by sitting with your legs up.

Additionally, sitting in this fashion, provides a subtle and gentle massage to the digestive organs, ensuring good digestion and removal of problems like gas and acidity.

The other important benefit is to massage and strengthen the reproductive organs. Initially it may be difficult to sit like this because we are not used to it. With regular practice of some good online yoga programs, you will be able to sit with your feet up without any discomfort.

Lying Down and Getting Up

We all lie down on bed and get up multiple times during the day. However, we do not give any thought as to how we do this. We get up and lie down straight, using our back. This is one of the main causes of slow and steady deterioration of the lower and upper back.

When we want to lie down, first sit sideways and taking support of your hands, lie down on the side. Then roll over on your back.

Similarly while getting up, first roll over to one side and taking support of your hands, get up in a seated position. This will take care of your back and spine fitness by as much as seventy percent even without any exercise.

Bending as A Posture

The other mistake we make is while bending down. Whenever we bend, ensure two things:

  • Bend your knees a bit while bending forward. Even if you are not lifting anything heavy, bend forward with your knees bent. This will protect your back to a large extent and also avoid undue strain on the stomach.
  • While bending forward or rising up again, make sure that your back is not curved or hunched. Always bend from the hip to lower your body and not your lower back. This takes away all the back related problems and keeps it very fit.

Fitness Postures Conclusion

The above three were the main movements and body postures which are causing orthopedic problems, lower back pain, slipped disc and heart problems. If we take care of just these three, then fitness levels will increase dramatically even in old age.

However, this is not so easy and one needs to practice Yoga to train yourself. The best programs for postures are online yoga classes from wellzee. Do pick up a program that suits your requirement and let great fitness enter your body.

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