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Spending On Fitness, Is It Required?

There is an explosion of fitness the World over at least in terms of products and services and awareness building. Being a ‘money heavy’ industry, all organisations are trying to jump on to the health and fitness bandwagon. There are so many gadgets, equipment, supplements, fad diets, weight loss clinics and fitness centers today, one may think that this is all that the world is doing. However, all of them are really expensive in actual terms.

You buy a monitoring gadget or enroll for some fitness plan at a high cost. How often do you use it? Many a times you do not even know that what you are buying may not be appropriate for you. However, this is another case of ‘hard sell’. Since it is a multi billion dollar industry, organisations need you to spend even when it is not required.

Fitness is Free

Do you know that you do not need to spend any kind of money to be fit and healthy? There are many things you can do and you will suddenly realise; “why am I paying money for something that is free”?

Fitness Activities

There are so many things one can do to remain fit without joining a gym or fitness center.

  • Brisk walk in a garden or in an open space. If you do not have such spaces around you, walk in the mornings on a longer stretch of road.
  • Jog slowly in the early morning or later in the evenings.
  • Practice free hand exercises. Every form of exercise is available for free online. Watch the tutorials and practice.
  • Put on music and dance in your home for half an hour a day. Imagine yourself as a dance expert and dance with joy and a bit of vigor.
  • Walk whenever you can. If you use public transport, make it a point to get off a stop early and walk.; once going to work and once coming back from work.
  • Climb stairs at your workplace and walk around instead of taking coffee or smoke breaks. Stand while you talk and have corridor discussions. Make sure you move around or stand for at least half your working time.
  • Do all your housework, including cooking. If you manage this, you may not need any other form of exercise.
  • Play sports. If you have a local gymnasium or a ground, play some sports if you are a sports enthusiast.
  • Practice asanas. This is the best way to remain fit and healthy. All you need is a thick carpet, towel or mat to spread on the floor of your room. Take our effective but simple online yoga program. You will start getting results in just ninety days.

Eating Right

Change your food habits to eat healthy and sensibly. We do not require any fad diets, extreme diets or calorie counting to eat sensibly. Just be aware of how you feel when you eat certain foods. Just becoming aware of your body will help you to eat better. To understand how to eat nutritious food which is also tasty, take a wellzee balanced diet plan or opt for an online diet consultation.


If we have done all of this we do not require any gadgets to monitor ourselves. If we are breathing very hard, we are tired and need to rest. We do not need gadgets for that. If our heart beats very fast, we can actually feel it; we do not require a heart rate monitor. If we are having a correct lifestyle and sleeping soundly there is no requirement for sleep monitors. If there is any improvement, the body will tell us in terms of better weight management, feeling better, being less stressed, easier breathing, better digestion and so on.

You do not require to spend money on any kind of fad diets, gyms or agonizing over too much of information and news reports. Fitness and health is a mega billion dollar industry and they want you to spend money so they can get rich.

But the real fact is: FITNESS IS FREE! 

By Team Wellzee | February 2nd, 2015 | LEAVE A COMMENT

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