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go green for stress relief



Stress is now an omnipresent situation. Everyone in all age groups are genuinely stressed about something or the other. Kids are worried about exams and studies. Younger people are worried about professional courses and careers. Adults are worried about practically everything even though they may be comfortably off. The worrisome fact is that this is genuine stress which impacts physically and physiologically.


Due to this very hectic modern life, everyone is looking at some form of stress management. However, we are looking in the wrong directions to relieve stress.



Since we do not know much about managing stress, we mistakenly read things on the net, go by our feelings or do what people around us do. Due to this, there are a lot of stress management myths which have spread around. Some of these myths are:

– Have more sex. If you are really stressed, the body slows down this process. So it is actually more harmful. It is just momentary feel good and then you are back to being stressed.

– Eat what you want. Eating wrong when you are stressed leads the body to be more stressed and the cycle continues. This causes long term health problems.

– Go drinking or binge drinking. We all know alcohol is anyway bad for the body. Drinking will only make your stress worse.

Exercise more. When we are stressed, we should exercise less or very moderate. If we are more stressed then we should not only exercise. It creates double the load on body systems leading to diseases and immunity problems in the long run. There have also been instances of people who have suddenly died when they have been stressed and exercise a lot.

– Shopping or what is known as retail therapy. This is again a problem as it is very momentary in nature and you may land spending more money which leads you later to regret and more stress.


One of the things that works well to beat stress is colors. Colors are an important aspect of managing stress. Colors have a definite impact on the mind and therefore, the body as well. There are various beneficial colors.

However, one of the most soothing colors is green. All shades of naturally occurring green are very soothing. However, something even more beneficial is nature. Therefore, all shades of greens occurring in plants, trees, crops and foliage are very good for the eyes and the mind.

It has been observed that one of the best ways to reduce stress is by looking at natural surroundings. In addition to the color, being near plants ensure better oxygen levels. Everyone may not have access to greenery in dense urban areas but there are various things you could do.

Grow a few plants. There are many varieties or plants which require less maintenance. Grow just 2-3 of them. The very process of taking care of them and watching them grow will help you to beat stress. Take a walk in a ‘green area’. Taking even a 15 minute stroll in a lane or a street which is lined with trees will calm you down. Try and walk on a terrace or a lawn which has some natural grass and not the artificial variety. When you are thinking, look outside the window at trees or plants.

Sit in a garden – Sit in a garden on the grass or beneath a tree. Watch the surroundings or read a nice book.  Whenever you get the chance, stare at trees and plants rather than messaging or fiddling with your smart phone or tablet.  You will start benefiting in a short span of time and find you getting calmer and less stressed. Combine walking, plant staring and a good online stress management program to greatly improve your health.

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