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Hatha yoga

There are various meanings put forward for Hatha Yoga. One of the meanings of ‘hatha’ is perseverance or striving to achieve something difficult. Therefore, most of us think that hatha yoga means difficult asana practices. Extremely convoluted postures or practices high on the difficulty scale are portrayed as hatha yoga and as some magical exercise to change the way you look and get the perfect body. This is not the case. It is about perseverance and discipline over the years. A key requirement for Hatha Yoga is practicing the same set of practices four times a day at the same time, everyday, for years.

Another meaning of is however, a combination of two words; ‘Ha’ means son and ‘Tha’ means moon. Therefore Hatha Yoga means bringing a balance between the two. It essentially implies balancing the mind and body to improve. Even though Hatha Yoga is based on intense discipline, it cannot be successful without the lifestyle, moral and mind aspects. Extreme discipline and physical postures are a means to train and tame the mind. It is one of the paths to Yoga. Persons who are of a very active constitution or distracted in nature cannot sit in meditation for long or focus. So a strongly disciplined path is the option for such individuals.

Further, genuinely beneficial Hatha Yoga is not about postures but about an extremely austere and disciplined lifestyle right down to what and when to eat, sleep and practice. It is not for the faint hearted or for someone with a family or attracted to the trappings of modern life. It takes years or decades of austere practice to become a Hatha Yogi. A more balanced approach is therefore recommended for modern individuals. Try out one of our simple and effective programs for maximum benefit:

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