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We all know that a sedate lifestyle results in health or weight issues and also contributes to mental stress. However, what is less known is that your life span also reduces if you are inactive. Various studies have shown that the lesser you sit, the lower the chances of diabetes and heart attack. Even if you have some of these lifestyle diseases, the risk reduces by remaining physically active. 

This does not meant that you sit through the day and do a one hour walk or work out. The body constantly needs to be in motion or a state of some physical activity. What this means is that we need to be doing something physical through the day. going to work and sitting for long hours in office is not physical activity. 

It has also been found that sitting less than three hours a day increases your life span and greatly reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases. So try and incorporate the following in your life:

  • Watch less tv and shorten your working hours on the computer
  • Take short walk breaks at work instead of coffee breaks
  • Walk for at least fifteen minutes four times a day
  • Pace a bit while talking on the phone
  • Take a moderate paced walk before lunch and supper / dinner
  • Keep getting up and pacing up and down the house occasionally
  • Involve yourself in household chores. The continuous movement involved in bending, stretching, walking even in a small house is beneficial. Add to that the fact that housework is never ending. This is a reason why homemakers who do all the work and cooking are healthy. This is fast changing and the best way to exercise is doing your housework on a daily basis. You would not even need to spend money on a gymnasium. 

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