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junk food effects on kids

Do you know the junk food effects on kids? Obesity is the one obvious effect. It has been found that obesity can reprogram the brain and weaken memory and learning. Another research done by the American University adds to this. Eating junk food, fried food and high fat food causes the blood network around the hippocampus to become selective.

The hippocampus is the part of the brain which is responsible for memory and learning. When you eat high fat or junk food, the network surrounding the hippocampus does not allow certain kinds of inputs to reach it. This leads to lower memory and learning gradually. This impacts the retention capacity of kids including the memory that junk food is harmful. So the mind keeps getting conditioned physiologically. The brain cell structure starts to change gradually impacting studies or some other cognitive or aspects. Memory is an obvious casualty. 

The more this effect sets in, the higher is the craving for fatty and junk foods. We will eat more such food adding more fat. This starts to make the child obese and in turn causes weakening of memory. This cycle is a vicious one, and most of us do not realize it.  We take the easy way out to feed our kids. In Asian countries the trend is to eat out together as a family at fast food joints and chains. This reinforces the child’s memory that all this is fine to eat. 

However, we should not get alarmed. The junk food effects on kids trend can be reversed by diet changes and physical activity. Junk your burgers, pizzas, samosas, pav bhajis and sweets and move to healthier alternatives. If you want your kids to have good memories and do well at studies, then opt for our healthy diet plans to become smart and healthy. Also opt for our Yoga programs for kids or teens in case your child is overweight. 

By newblog | July 9th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT