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yoga for diabetes

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing lifestyle diseases, especially in South Asia. More and more people are getting diabetes even though in a lot of cases it is not genetic or hereditary. It is extimated that in the next few years, India will have more than 10 million diabetics. This figure only reflects those who check and know that they have this disease. There are a huge number of people who remain unaware till they get some other major disease. This number will only grow at a rapid pace.

Diabetes is growing at rapid pace because it is becoming as much of a lifestyle disease as a genetic one. What this means is that even though there are very few people or no one in your family having diabetes, you can get it as easily. Once can no longer be complacent thinking they will not get it because they are not genetically prone. This happens due to not having a balanced diet plan, lack of exercise, stress and sleep problems. A combination of these factors including processed food and a polluted enviroment add to the problem.

A balanced life is required to manage diabetes if you already have or keep it away if you do not have it. A balanced life not only means exercise or eating right. There are a few things to be done in case you already have diabetes:

  • Make sure that you have a healthy and balanced diet plan and always eat in moderation. It is better to eat a bit less and eat frequently when you feel hungry, rather than overeating. Your stomach should be empty by 25% at every meal. Never mind if you feel like eating again in a couple of hours. Also try and avoid sugar laden foods, processed foods and drinks and heavy to digest food items.
  • Discipline and routines are very important especially eating and sleeping at the right times. It is important to sleep early and wake up early. If you sleep late and wake up late, the effect of sleep is negated. It is also the time at which you sleep and wake up, that is important. Routines mean eating at the same time every day, sticking to time schedules and avoid variations.
  • Exercise is important for diabetes. The best exercise for diabetes is walking. Walk daily if you can or at least four to five times a week. Walk for at least thirty to forty five minutes daily in a garden or in an external environment. This is very good for health.
  • Practice a good online Yoga program at least five days a week. There have been researches conducted in some India universities and Yoga institutes which have shown that there is a dramatic decrease in blood sugar levels by practicing yoga and making lifestyle changes. In a study it was found that on regular yoga practice, almost 100% of all participants reported significant changes and 30% to 50% actually reached normal sugar levels within just 6 months.

Therefore, In case you want to manage, reduce or get rid of diabetes, take our online Yoga for Diabetes program and combine it with a customized diet consultation for diabetes

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