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Reducing Health Profile Of Kids

The World over, kids are getting more unhealthy. Each successive generation is being trained by parents to be unhealthy without realizing it. Young parents themselves are into an incorrect lifestyle mode; Whether it is the nature of activities, over working, no recreation, poor eating, drinking and sleeping habits and an inability to handle situations. Their children are going to learn the same. This is reflected due to some startling facts about kids:

  • An increasing number of children are getting high blood pressure. Between 7% to 10% of kids below the age of thirteen have this problem.
  • Very broadly, one in every three kids is overweight across the world.
  • Incidence of Diabetes Mellitus or Type 2 Diabetes in children is increasing rapidly.
  • Over 90% of children are reporting actual stress. More often than not, it is triggered or caused by parents.
  • More children the world over are getting short sighted. This is because playing and outdoor activities have almost stopped in many parts of the World. Parents want kids to play video games and entertain themselves on tablets, television and the Internet.
  • Children are eating more but are getting poor nutrition. Lack of exposure to sunlight, wrong eating habits and a predominance of packaged foods is ensuring onset of severe deficiencies at an early age.

What Are Parents Doing Currently?

One of the best things we can do as parents is spend a lot of time with our children. At least a lot of our ‘non-work’ time.

However, most of us do it the wrong way, especially in most Asian and South Asian Countries. The ideas of a family outing or get together are going shopping, for a movie and inevitably, eat outside. That too, junk food or unhealthy food. The other thing we do is land up playing online or video games or work on ‘projects’ on a computer.

Some of us also try to keep our children busy with constant tutorials, hobby classes and other indoor, structured activities. Most children today have less time than adults.

Why Is The Parents’ Solution Bad?

We create more stress as we go on shopping sprees or argue with our children on what not to buy or demand. We may get into gaming zones which are mindless in nature with no real informative value add or physical activity.

Further, there is excessive exposure to lights, colours and sound which also causes physiological stress and alters the working patterns of a childs’ brain.

These kind of family outings ensure that all of us become unhealthy and more prone to cravings, greed, anxiety and a lot of stress. Such individuals will be unhealthy and get diseases at an early age.

Giving our kids electronic toys to play with is more of laziness on our part. We want them ‘out of our way’, at some level and yet not feel that we are being a bad parent. The impact on children is massive as we are already witnessing. It is just that we think that all this happening to someone else, not us. We are in denial.

The Solution

The solution is very simple.

  • Plan activities which are more outdoors.
  • Activities which are sports and nature oriented are essential. This could be going to the swimming pool, cycling or walking together, playing some actual sport or going for nature walks and treks.
  • If you are not in a physical condition to play sports or undertake outdoor physical activity, encourage your children and go with them. It is fine if you do not know how to swim. You can always accompany your child.
  • If nothing else comes to your head, encourage them to play outdoors during the day, everyday. Let them explore, jump, shout, get dirty and have a whole lot of fun. Let them get tanned in the sun. It is healthy.

All of this will ensure great balanced development for your kids. Not only is it much more fun, but all of this will make your kids healthy and the whole family joyful. If you want your children to succeed academically, then opt for our Kids’ online yoga program.

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