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The world over, Yoga is becoming extremely popular. The most apparent reasons why people practice yoga is to reduce weight or take care of some illnesses or other problems. Many individuals utilize it as a less strenuous form of exercise or a ‘feel good’ discipline. So the reasons range from weight loss to illnesses to alternate therapy to even some amount of laziness.

Yoga definitely helps in all of these, but the real benefits are hidden and in fact, are not highlighted enough. Apart from the physical and physiological benefits, let us look at some of the others.


We shall leave aside the obvious physical benefits in this discussion like general good health, longevity, weight loss and managing chronic diseases. Let us focus on four of the other categories of benefits which are less spoken about:

Lifestyle benefits

Mental Health

Mind Improvement Benefits

Lets us look at this a bit more in detail:


–       There is an improvement in daily routines and discipline.

–       You feel like eating healthier…without any conscious effort.

–       Cravings for ‘mood food’, sweets and alcohol automatically reduce.

–       There is an improvement in sleep quality.

–       Productivity increases, leading to more focus and better financial health.

–       There is an improvement in interpersonal relationships.


–       Emotional stability is achieved. This leads to balance and better thinking and decisions.

–       Excessive emotions get neutralized. So excessive anger, hatred, passion, depression; automatically get taken care of.

–       Anxiety is replaced by calmness and negative feelings by confidence.


–       Memory improves dramatically.

–       Various researches have shown that the mind keeps growing at a rapid pace, even in old age. This is contrary to popular belief that mental development stops around the age of 13 or 14.

–       Less energy and blood is required by the mind, leading to improved concentration levels and less mental fatigue.

–       Performance improvement, ease of learning and performing complicated tasks becomes easy.


–       You are more composed and less rattled by external events, situations and the behavior of others.

–       You become more congenial and attract a better set of people around you.

–       Without any effort, people automatically start viewing you as a really nice person.

–       You will stop reacting to situations and respond with calmness.

–       You will be happier with yourself and also be very comfortable being alone doing the things you want to.

This is just a partial list of benefits of practicing Yoga. If you want to know more about Yoga and go through the most frequently asked questions, do not forget to CLICK HERE.

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