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Utility Is Toxic

All of us today are dependent on plastic for storing food, drinks and water. Today, we all store and drink from plastic bottles without exception. It is rare to find metal containers or glass bottles today. Plastic is a petroleum product. So what we do not realize is that plastic is extremely toxic. Toxins from plastic keep getting released all the time and mixing with our food and drink. This is a slow and steady process but the effects are negative. Plastic which gets absorbed by the body is also carcinogenic (cancer causing) in nature. However, we have got so used to plastic, that it is almost impossible to imagine a life without plastic. 

Heat And Plastic

The problem of these plastic and petroleum based toxins is compounded when plastic is exposed to heat. Even slightly higher temperatures cause plastic to slowly become unstable. Plastic placed in sunlight or next to an oven or stove will become very toxic. Plastic has to be kept at much lower temperatures than room temperatures. In warm regions, plastic has to be kept refrigerated at all times and away from sunlight. Even exposure to sunlight causes plastic to become unstable and start releasing toxins and vapors. It is slow and subtle, but very damaging to health.

We are exposed to these toxins throughout our lives now, as we drink from plastic and eat from plastic. You can imagine the damage we are doing to ourselves.

Health Effects Of Plastic

The adverse impact on health is very high. There are many things happening to us and we do not even know it. Some of the problems plastic can cause are:

  • Impairing the lungs and their functioning, leading to lung and breathing related diseases.
  • Hardening and clogging of the arteries and blood vessels leading to heart related problems, brain strokes, clotting and diseases related to the circulatory system.
  • There is a link emerging between certain types of cancer and the use of plastic.
  • Damage of the skin. Losing luster, skin related disease and faster aging.

Problem With Plastic Bottles

Most of us in office, gym or even at home, tend to fill up plastic bottles to drink through the day. This is a complete health hazard. Toxins from these plastic bottles find themselves in the water. Even exposure to slightly higher temperatures does this, even if not opened for the first time. You may keep your bottles and food packages in refrigerators but when they are being filled and transported, they are not kept in a refrigerated environment. So the damage is done right from the start.

Practical Solution For Drinking

The solutions are simple for this challenge. Please keep a good quality bottle at all times to drink water from. A high grade, thick and good quality plastic bottle should be fine. However, destroy and replace it every few months. Keep metal bottles for storing your drinks whenever possible or practical. Use glass if metal is not available. However make sure the lids and caps of these bottles are not made of plastic.

Some awareness combined with a practical approach will go a long way in preserving health. In addition, eat healthy with wellzee balanced diet plans; and yes, after the meal, do not drink water from a plastic bottle. 

By Team Wellzee | January 21st, 2015 | LEAVE A COMMENT

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