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One of the biggest health concerns these days is calcium deficiency. Why this is a cause for concern is that low levels or reducing levels of calcium lead to bone density loss, thus weakening them. Till now this was mostly considered to be a problem affecting ladies. However, it has been seen that men are fast catching up and there may be a new generation of men who will have a calcium deficiency problem in the same proportion as women.

One of the most important reasons for low calcium is not lack of calcium rich foods but it is something entirely else. It is having excess of salt. The recommended daily salt intake is 1.5 gms to 2.0 gms per person. However, it has been found that most of us consume between 3 gms to 6 gms per day. Why this is a problem is simple. Increase in blood pressure is a known effect of excess salt. However, it has been seen that individuals eating more salt are prone to osteoporosis and kidney stones. This information becomes very relevant as we eat a lot of processed, packaged or outside foods which are high in salt. In most cases we consume high quantities of salt without realizing it. The net result is reduction of calcium and weakening of the bones.

Why does this happen? The body gets rid of excess sodium through urine. But due to higher processing load required by the kidneys, the latter also process and starts throwing out calcium. So the more salt the body needs to throw out, the more calcium it throws out as well. What this means for us is simple, more salt equals less calcium.

Get rid of packaged, processed and junk foods which are all high in sodium content and protect your bones. Eat fresh and natural foods as far as possible. When you cook make less use of salt and do not use half pre-cooked meals or TV dinners. If you want to have a healthy diet, opt for our relevant balanced diet plan or ask for a customized diet on

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