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The biggest factor in our lives are children. We spend a lot of time worrying about them. The biggest challenge seems to be balancing discipline with freedom. Children are exposed to a lot more information these days. Schools are trying to push in as much information as they can. The result is very little time for children to grow naturally. They need an outlet and freedom to be themselves. This may result in some traits which we think are incorrect. Children are meant to be playful, naughty and noisy. They will also have a lot of questions and retorts; more out of curiosity than out of malice.

They are also smarter and see through our ‘masks’. Students can see through really good teachers and the not so good ones. As a result, they behave differently with different individuals. They also pick up behavioral traits very fast from parents. However, we do not have the knowledge or the patience to manage children. We are all trying to ‘discipline’ them in some way or the other. Children have to be taught by setting personal examples and by explaining.

A lot of us may have faced some sort of scolding, aggressive retorts or even some spanking when we were children. We also implement this approach with our own children. Apart from impacting their outlook in life and mental development, there is also another outcome of parental aggression, even though it is well meaning.

Children who are subject to any kind of regular physical abuse, punishment or constant scolding from an authority figure like parents, teachers or guardian, have an increased risk of obesity and stress. This is in addition to other mental or behavioural problems like lack of confidence, anxiety and stress in later life.

Negative childhood experiences trigger binge eating to cope with emotions and stress caused by such behaviour. Apart from poor lifestyles and low physical activity, this is one of the reasons for even adulthood problems.

Children are meant to be active, curious, jumpy and excited. The answer is not to ‘discipline’ them or punish and scold them all the time. The issue lies with us. We do not know how to manage children and want to take the convenient way out. So do not get aggressive with children. That does not mean we do not have to teach the right things. It is just that there are various other ways to get your message across.

It has also been seen that a constant state of overt or subconscious stress reflects on the family and children. If you are angry, anxious or stressed, opt for our stress management program or stress consultation. Once stress is managed, we can think much better and productive and positive solutions will emerge automatically, on how to manage our children. Successful implementation of our stress management programs and online yoga programs will not only ensure your stress is managed, but also your children’s.

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