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We have all heard from childhood that it is not good to lie. We also have various faiths and religions talking about truthfulness and that lying is a sin. This is more from an ethical or moral view. However, in this article we are going to talk about stating the truth to remain healthy. There is a surprisingly curious connection between health and lying. Truthfulness is one of the key aspects of not only Yoga philosophy but also of every other Indian philosophy.

Not saying lies or telling the truth was thought to be more from a perspective of spiritual progress. In today’s modern day, most of us think this to be an impractical concept. We all have lied in some way or another and continue to do so; sometimes even without realizing it. We also take comfort by telling ourselves that the ends justify the means. We also think that small ‘white lies’ are fine so long as they apparently do not hurt anyone. However, the fact is that lies may or may not harm others. But they definitely harm the person who lies.

This connection has been brought out by a research done by the University Of Notre Dame with some interesting results. It has been found that if you say the truth when you are tempted to lie, you actually improve your mental as well as physical health. The more you stick to the truth, the healthier you will be. Telling the truth also resulted in much lower stress and turned out to be an automatic stress management technique. Saying the truth also helps us to maintain peace of mind as we do not have to worry about being ‘discovered’ or make more stories to cover up a lie. This removes a major chunk of stress and agitation from the mind.

So surprisingly, even to remain physical healthy, we should stop telling lies. It will actually make you fit and less prone to diseases. Stress management will come naturally and you will get peace of mind. So start making this a habit. The best to train yourself to say the truth is to practice Yoga.

One of the most powerful philosophies to lead life is Yoga. The first step of Yoga in the eight fold path or ashtanga yoga talks about the Yamas. Yamas mean our conduct with the external world. There are five yamas and the second yama is truthfulness (Satya). It is an attitude we need to develop and work upon. The other four are non-violence (ahinsa), non-stealing (asteya), control on senses (brahmacharya) and non-greed or non-covetousness (aparigraha).

Even though truthfulness is difficult, regular practice of asanas with the correct mental attitude will help inculcate this value over a period of time. Asanas, which are physical in nature also help train the mind if done with concentration and the right attitude.

Opt for one of our online Yoga programs, especially in the stress management section and help build values in life. Start your connection with yoga programs and stress management programs to start becoming truthful and healthy.  

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