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the stress relieving secret

Do you know one of the single most important causes of stress? Do you know which part of body uses up the maximum amount of energy and gives you stress? It is neither your internal organs nor your hands and legs.

It is YOUR EYES! Eyes consume more than 50% of your daily energy. The very of of looking and constantly focusing on something takes some effort and strain on the eyes.  Sometimes, stress is also caused by low energy. Energy can go low if we are working for long hours in front of a screen or watching too much television or playing online games. This is one reason why we get rest at night. We keep our eyes shut. Imagine sleeping with your eyes open!

Stress takes away large amounts of energy from the body. With a lifestyle which is focused only on using the eyes, we are constantly straining ourselves with our phones, laptops, tablets and television. This also results in blinking a lot less. Less blinking leads to eye stress. Also, a lot of mental energy is wasted in trying to keep the eyes focused all the time. All of this gradually contributes to increasing physiological and mental stress without us realizing it. Even when we think too much, we put a strain on our eyes. It would be better to keep our eyes shut when we think.

The simple solution is to keep your eyes shut as much as you can. While travelling on a bus or train; while waiting for someone in an office or doctor’s clinic; while sitting in your office chair or just relaxing at home.Keep your eyes shut. Close them when you can. Try this over a month and ‘see’ the difference. But please do not close your eyes if you are prone to depression. For someone who is prone to psychiatric problems should avoid closing their eyes for a long time. Instead, they should keep blinking more. For more help on protecting and enhancing your eyes, opt for our eye care program on:

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