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By newblog | June 4th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

When you are stressed, try chilled fruits sprinkled or drizzled with some honey or very little powdered sugar (only if you do not have diabetes) and some cardamom powder. This is one of the best stress buster foods and will actually help you to relax.

We normally tend to opt for comfort foods when we are feeling stressed. This leads us to eat sweets, pastries, coffee and junk food which will only serve to increase the problem. Fruits do not figure on out list of things to do when faced with anxiety. But eating them as explained will help you.

They taste delicious and actually satisfy even junk food cravings. The next time you feel like having a pastry, cut a fruit of your choice, chill it in the refrigerator for a few minutes, sprinkle some seasoning of your choice (if you like) and eat it slowly. So you not only beat stress but also get healthier.

Chilled fruits work even better if they are fruits packed with Vitamin C. These would include citrus fruits, berries and papaya. Vitamin C helps to prevent physiological stress by strengthening the immune system. Taking adequate vitamin C helps to strengthen the bones and muscles and helps to improve iron absorption. More iron means better blood quality. Other good sources of vitamin C are fresh citrus fruits, dark green vegetables and strawberries.

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