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There are two main ways in which we can cause stress to us. One is physiological or lifestyle. Not having a balanced diet plan or following a good exercise or stress management program is one way. The physical body faces adversity causing stress in the form of diseases or minor discomfort.

The other way is to be mentally stressed. We get so tied up emotionally, that the body gets diseases even if we have a comfortable life. There are many reasons for a negative impact on stress management. We all know about, diet, exercise and lifestyle challenges. Everything that we do which is not in alignment with the body, causes stress.

However, there is one highly ignored factor which causes physical as well as mental stress. This is one aspect that most of us are now aware of. Most of us today in the middle income groups and above, across the World, have got used to certain minimum luxuries. These are coolers, heaters, air conditioners and refrigerators. If we are in a warm climate, we cannot function without cold water or air conditioning set at very low temperatures. There are individuals who like having chilled water, soft drinks, desserts, colas and ice creams most of the time.

Some people cannot eat food or drink any beverages unless they are very hot. Some of us need to shower with very hot water in cold climates or with cold water in warm or hot climates. We do all of this without thinking of the impact on the body. We feel that if it is hot, having cold water is helpful. This is not the case.

What we do not realise is that we cause stress to the body with extreme temperatures, whether internal or external. Use the following guidelines to keep the body healthy and protected from stress; irrespective of whether you are in a cold or a hot climactic zone:

  • Avoid foods and drinks which are too hot or too cold. Cool and warm are better consistencies for the body.
  • If in a hot climate, don’t drink too much of cold water, chilled shakes and other chilled stuff. Have beverages which are just slightly cooler than than your body temperature or just a little cooler than the outside temperature. If in a cold climate, one should definitely not have anything cold. Having warm liquids and warm foodstuff will help in cold climates. Contrasting temperatures give us a cold.
  • The ideal temperature is a little more than your body temperature in case you want to have something warm or hot. Piping hot is not something which is required even in cold climates.
  • Water is the best stress buster at all times. Ideally, sip water slowly rather than gulping it down. Drink water at room temperature or slightly above your own body temperature. Avoid cold water altogether if you want to manage your health.

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By Team Wellzee | September 29th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

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