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The World in a frenzy

The world is getting more frenzied by the day. There are too many things happening which are not required at all. All people are made in different ways and they get impacted with varying intensities. All we see around us is pushing us towards mindless consumption in the name of technology and science.

The other aspect is that, everything is designed to make us to stop applying our minds constructively. Today a google decides what search results, companies or information you should see based on computer programs which are prepared by very ignorant and imperfect programmers.

This is true for every organisation. The only objective is to make the population mentally lazy and manipulate them for profit maximization under the garb of technological empowerment. But who creates this kind of frenzy and a conscious effort to ‘dumb down’ humanity and make them unhealthy and stressed?

The Egoistic, Hyperactive Type

The hyperactive and egoistic varieties create this frenzy. They are extremely egoistic and think they can rule the world. Massive consumption and pandering to the senses even at the cost of the destruction of the World is a key hallmark of this variety. Trying to ‘be superior’ and believing on and acting on notions that they are the best on Earth and greatest nation, etc. are other signs. This belief fuels economic growth leading to destruction. A lot of innovations happen, most of which do not help the mind but only pander to the body and the senses.

I am sure we can guess people, organisations, races and nations which come under this type. Even though that is their nature, mental faigue and physiological stress takes over. This leads to wrong decisions, becoming impervious to reality and refusing to change even at the cost of total destruction.

The Mentally Lazy Type

The other variety is the mentally lazy ones. They are followers and want to be led or believe they have to follow something or someone ‘superior’ or better. They are driven by fear. The fear of not being part of this world or fear of being left out.

They are easily influenced by material glamour on one hand and by articulate advertising and branding on the other. They prefer someone else to do their thinking for them (without even realizing it). They believe anything which is communicated with conviction and which appeals to their sense of belonging to a group or a system (e.g. Consumerism, economics, capitalism, technology, religious cults, etc).

The ones who are more mentally lazy become easy prey for this frenzy even though it is not in their nature. They try to ‘follow the world’ so as not to be left out. The result is that we want bigger cars and houses. More clothes, eat more good food (not healthy), want more and more gadgets, work more without resting and so on. These are the ones who face maximum stress. Unfortunately, this ‘mentally lazy’ category is most of us. This has got nothing to do with being rich or poor.

The Result

Probably 99% of the planer consists of a combination of the mentally lazy and the hyperactive frenzied types.

Everyone wants to be part of some group or follow something or someone. We do this without realising what is good for us and what does not work for us. The net result is stress. No wonder then, that global researches have put the percentage of stressed people at over 90%. This also includes children between the ages of eight and thirteen.

We are making every effort to drive us and people around us, mad. The only solution is to be more balanced in everything we do. However, many years of conditioning and lack of awareness of the mind and body prevents us from doing so.

The Third Type

The solution to the above problem is to become the third type. These are the rare but balanced inviduals. The balanced individuals we come across (and even groups and nations) or see, are either ignored or not treated too well. In many cases, we brand them as ‘out of sync with reality’ or worst, consider them to be mad. But the fact remains, that to be free from stress and lead a very meaningful life, we have to start regaining our balance from the above two types of mind.

Regaining Balance: Become the Third Type

The first stage towards improving and balancing yourself works in two steps:


Relaxation and adequate rest is the starting point for becoming more balanced. We need to sleep early and sleep well. A thirty minutes nap in the afternoon after a light lunch is important. Practicing asanas like savasana and dridhasana on a daily basis are of great help. You can opt for any one of our multiple online yoga programs to help you.

Control Your Nerves

In addition to rest and relaxation, we also have to start controlling our nerves better. The The more we try to consciously become aware of ourselves and relax, the better is our control on the nerves. Better control on the nerves and more awareness means keeping diseases away and having a good life.

The best technique for this is watching your breath. Another nice technique is to sit quietly for fifteen minutes a day in a quiet place and do nothing. Both of these can be done sitting cross legged or with knees folded or even on a chair, if you have arthritis. Take our stress management program to learn how to relax and control your nerves.  

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