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There is a lot of misconception or incorrect understanding about Yoga especially among online yoga resources. Therefore, it is as important to know what is not Yoga:

1. Only asanas, kriyas or pranayama are not Yoga. We mistakenly believe these to be Yoga. The physical aspect of Yoga is probably only 10% of Yoga

2. The following are NOT YOGA even though they may make use of yoga postures, breathing techniques or concentration techniques:                                                                

– Being made to do any intense physical postures while ‘pushing’ too hard.

Asanas or postures done with speed.

Asanas or postures done in a sequence without a break.

– Quick sessions done in a group twice or thrice a week.

– Practices done in artificially created extreme climactic conditions like extreme heat, cold or moisture.

– Any rhythmic coordinated activities or practices done with any kind of music.

– Any practice which leaves you tired or breathless or sweating or leave you feeling like you have done a workout.

– Any activity which increase your heart rate and blood pressure.

3. Yoga is not an alternate therapy. Great health is a side effect of Yoga or asanas. However, if there is any ailment, it cannot get cured just by practicing some asanas or kriyas for a few days.

4. Yoga is not a sport nor is it competitive in nature. In fact we should not have any physical or breathing goals, nor should we compete even with ourselves.

5. Yoga is not about twisting, turning, bending. More is not necessarily good for a true Yoga practitioner. 

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