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Stress Is Integral To Life

We all seem to be stressed these days. The stress could be about having a lot of work pressure. It could be about health, finance or interpersonal issues. Stress could also be general in nature or specific or situational. A lot of times it may be overkill or over reaction and many a times it could be very genuine. The fact remains, that we do have a lot of daily challenges to tackle. More often than not we are unable to distinguish between a genuinely challenging situation and something which is not stressful. 

The problem arises when we think these challenges, whether real or perceived, are too important or too serious. This problem grows larger due to an inability to manage a particular situation. If we generally worry too much about the future and financial security, we get stressed. A combination of a challenged life and worry, starts draining the mind and at times the body.

Taking A Break Can Be More Stressful

When this impact of perceived stress increases, we feel like taking a break. Our idea of taking a break varies from going binge drinking, to sleeping a lot on weekends or eating a lot of unhealthy food. However, we do not realize that all these options are not good and help to create more stress, whether mental or physiological. Sometimes, when we work without balancing our lives for a long time, we feel like taking a longer break. For all of us, vacations means going to a different city or country for a few days.

We all seem to think that taking a break or a vacation necessarily means going away somewhere. This actually causes a lot of stress. Right from coordinating work schedules of the family, holidays for the kids, choice of destination, travel plan, budget and what to do; etc. Whether you are going with friends or family, we all get stressed. These days we are also stressed about the clothes we wear and what kind of pictures we will take because the idea is to put them on to Facebook or Instagram. Sadly, we have started taking holidays to show others.

If we are alone and want to take a holiday, we avoid it because people think this is a ‘mad’ thing to do. Especially in Asian cultures, being alone (even if we may be happy) is looked down upon.

A Great Vacation Idea

So what is the best way to avoid all of these and still have a great holiday? Take holidays from work, but do not go to another destination. You can have a perfectly great vacation at home. Behave like a tourist in your own city and you will realise there are so many things to do and enjoy. You may find that you do not know your city at all. You could do any or all of the following:

  • Indulge in hobby classes and activities.
  • Visit all the places you have not been to in your city. Take a city tour.
  • When was the last time you went to a museum or a book reading or an art gallery? Visit cultural places and soak in the culture of your own city.
  • Attend concerts and theatre.
  • Visit cafes, sit in gardens and read.
  • Walk around and find things to discover in your own town and city.
  • Laze around and get started on that fitness plan you have been thinking about.
  • Read good books, sleep a little more, cook food for yourself and your family.

Catch up on all the things you wanted to do. You will be very pleasantly relaxed and refreshed. This will recharge you much more than going to another destination or taking a typical tourist holiday. This kind of a break does not need too much of planning and many days to be taken as leave. Additionally it is much more relaxing than a holiday in another destination. Try this approach the next time you want to take a break or be on a holiday. It will completely de-stress you.

If you still have a challenge with stress or relaxing then opt for a wellzee stress management program which will start showing results in just ninety days.

By Team Wellzee | February 5th, 2015 | LEAVE A COMMENT

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