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We are all looking our for good weight loss foods all the time. There are various foods being put forward as good for losing weight or having less calories. One such food is milkThere is a lot of confusion around milk over the last few years. There is a milk bashing lobby which has emerged without understanding the value and nutrients of milk.

Milk is not only wholesome, but it is a complete meal by itself and does not make you fat. Milk does not cause lactose intolerance in more than 99% of the population. Also, this is more prevalent in the Caucasian races and others do not seem to have this problem. Even then, it has been seen that it is the hormones and chemicals in the milk which is causing the problem and not the milk itself. Milk is one of the most easily digestible substances and nutrients are absorbed fast by the body. It is energy and nutrient rich and a complete food by itself. 

Skimming milk takes away a lot of the nutrients from the milk. When we skim milk through artificial processes, nutrients are lost. Pasteurization and homogenization are two other factors responsible for lowering milk quality. So just for removing a little bit of fat, we are making milk unhealthy.

Contrary to belief whole milk is more nutritious than skimmed milk or powders. Whole fat milk contains only a maximum of 4% to 5% fat for every 100 ml. For anything to be considered high fat which can seriously add to your weight the percentage of fat has to be at least 15% to 20% and above per 100 ml. Concentrated dairy products like cheese and butter are the culprits and not milk. Also, we do not have too much milk. At most, we may have 2 to 3 small glasses in a day (around 500 to 600 ml). This does not add in any significant way to fat in the body. Even the fat that we do get is ‘good fat’. 

We need to start thinking logically as well. We are fine having cheese and butter, baked breads, sweets, chocolates, pastries and ice creams, foods loaded with gravy, fried foods, pizzas and other junk food. However, we do not have milk which has negligible fat compared to the above mentioned foodstuffs? So when we are looking at weight loss foods, we should consider whole fat, natural milk

Further, we anyway do not guzzle milk all the time. Even 2-3 glasses of milk are not going to impact you at all. On the contrary, you will get essential nutrients and calcium in a natural form. If you still want to reduce the fat content of milk then, rather than skimming it, add around 10% to 20% water to the milk. The impact of fat will be minimized. So forget weight loss foods. Start eating healthy and add whole fat milk to your balanced diet plan.

By Team Wellzee | August 29th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

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