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Benefits of meditation & yoga meditation

Meditation is primarily a spiritual activity. However, it has been found to have many benefits at the physical and mental levels. There are different ways to meditate but the primary goal is the same. It is to control and calm the mind leading to complete concentration. This process of meditation has a calming effect not only on the mind but also on the other physiological mechanisms in the body. Even compared to sitting quietly or listening to relaxation music, meditation is significantly better.

There are various researches across the World which are highlighting the excellent benefits of meditation. It has been seen that sitting in meditation for fifteen to twenty minutes a day has many advantages. Even five minutes daily starts to make a difference. There has been a recent study done which shows that it is very difficult to sit quietly for even fifteen minutes. It would also be a good idea to learn to sit quietly for fifteen minutes everyday without television, music, internet or phones around you. Once we are able to manage this for a week, we can try sitting with our eyes shut everyday. This can be followed by various techniques. 

The mind related benefits of yoga meditation are improved memory and focus. This helps in improving personal performance in all areas of life. It will help to dramatically reduce chances of diseases like alzhiemers. Since it helps to manage or even eliminate anxiety and stress, you become very calm. This leads to great interpersonal relations and significantly improved productivity in business or your job. You remain in a state of joy at most times and can handle all situations with equanimity.

These were the advantages of yoga meditation at the mental levels. However, it also has great physiological benefits. Meditation reduces the inflammation response of the immune system which is triggered by stress or by some external bacteria. This results in lower diseases and a healthier body. The organs function much better and smoothly prolonging their life. This leads to longevity and lesser signs of ageing. The body becomes much younger than its actual age. We will be able to feel that we are getting better with meditation.

Recent studies have found that meditating for just 20 minutes a day for even 4 to 5 weeks results in reduction of various stress related hormones and chemicals. Regular practice almost stops the secretion of such chemicals and makes the mind very focussed and calm. You stop falling ill and remain very healthy. In addition, meditation also helps to reduce high blood pressure, blood sugar (diabetes) and manage cardiovascular diseases and other ailments.

Meditation can be done even for five minutes a day to begin with and go up to twenty minutes a day. The longer the duration, the better it is for you. Do not get intimidated and opt for one of our relevant stress management programs which include practices to train the mind. You can also take one of our online yoga programs which will help you to train the mind for meditation. In case of any doubt, write to us.

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