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We all seek different ways to improve our brain power and professional success. Students want to do well at academics, businessmen and professionals want to make money and employees want a great career. There is one requirement common to all of these; a great memory and a sharp brain. The more we remember and the sharper is our understanding, the more we succeed.

There are many programs for brain power and memory improvement. There are also so many self help and success programs in the market. A lot of them are common sense and some claim to help everyone in the same degree. If this were the case, everyone would be rich and successful. The fact remains that programs and processes do not really help everyone. We all have a different life and unique situations.

What actually works is to improve from your current levels to the next level. There is no destination or framework for success. There is only a process. This is because our goals and perceptions keep changing all the time. However what comes in handy is a sharp brain and the ability to handle all types of situations with a calm mind.

There is only one philosophy which can do this and that is Yoga. Yoga is not about postures or breathing techniques. These are just tools to control and concentrate the mind. Once we are on our way to focusing the mind, we do not require these tools.  Most online yoga programs only talk about asanas, pranayama and lately, meditation.

These yoga meditation or Buddhist meditation programs are misleading. Not because they are necessarily wrong. They are misleading because the mind needs to be prepared for meditation. With our current lifestyles, meditation is not possible. All we can do is probably sit for a few minutes with eyes shut.

The bare minimum requirement for meditation is to be able to sit for fifteen minutes to forty six minutes every single day in complete silence and totally still. Only after we practice sitting quietly with eyes shut can we think about starting meditation with the help of techniques like mindfulness, breathing, sound or imagery. The other important requirement is good physical health so that we do not fall ill and are able to sit for long hours without getting any pain. The next most important requirement is to have a balanced diet plan at all times for months in a row.

All this may sound disheartening. However, we can take small steps to train our minds. There is one very simple technique which is given here which should be practiced daily. It is the Awareness Reflection Technique. Practicing this daily for a few months will improve memory, make us calm, teach us to become objective and sharpen the brain. Even if we are unable to meditate, we can practice this technique for great benefits.

The Awareness Reflection Activity as a part of online yoga meditation

Once we are comfortable with the Awareness Reflection Technique for a few months, we can start some form of meditation. However, ensure that you do this technique at the same time everyday. If you do this everyday before going to bed, then do so at the same time on a daily basis. Do not postpone for the following morning or evening. Another thing to remember is not to miss a single day. It only takes a few minutes, a pen and paper.

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