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Procreation is the prime activity of all living creatures. Plants, cells, bacteria, birds, animals and humans; all of them reproduce. Nature takes care of all its constituents. In the case of humans, a slight difference occurs due to two reasons. A thinking individual is giving birth to another individual who will eventually develop her or his full thinking capacity over a period of time. So in the case of animals, birds, etc. one need not worry about the state of the parents. In the case of humans, the mental, physical, social and physiological state of the mother is more important than the physical condition of the fetus. This is because the former determines the latter.

Pregnancy associated challenges

There are so many challenges in today’s day and age which are associated with pregnancy. Some of these are:

  • Physical and health condition of the mother. Long term lifestyle plays a key role.
  • Mental make – up of the parents or mother. Why are we having children. How will we raise them. Are we equipped to take proper decisions and able to take care of our offspring?
  • Stress related to now knowing what to do during and after pregnancy.
  • The type of delivery and issues related to forced deliveries.
  • We are more worried about our career and ‘me time’, than our babies. This leads to a lot of physical and mental complications in many parents. These later on also affect the child.
  • Post partum depression is one of the fastest growing problems.
  • Worry about change in body, weight, looks, etc. Women cannot be the same through their lives. However, this is now the prime driving factor for ego and sexual reasons; one should look like they are sixteen immediately after pregnancy.
  • A large proportion of parents do not know what to do with their children. We therefore depend on schools, governments and many other individuals and entities. We feel that spending money and feeding our children a lot is all that is required. This creates problems later on for parents and children.

Yoga during pregnancy

Yoga has many practices which helps during pregnancy in different ways. The physical practices help the body remain in the correct physical state. A lot of pregnancy associated problems like high blood sugar, high blood pressure, acid reflux and sciatica are prevented by regular yoga practice. Even if you have not been practicing before pregnancy, daily practice for these nine months is very beneficial.

Breathing during pregnancy

Breathing plays a very important role in keeping the mother physiologically healthy and also impacts the fetus positively. There are also breathing techniques available which help prepare the body and breathing patterns during delivery. This is a great help in ensuring a smooth and stress free delivery.

Stress Management

There may be a lot of apprehensions, worry and stress related to pregnancy. This includes diet, activities, health of the mother and the unborn child. There is lots of information available some of which may seem to be contradictory.

Additionally, a lot of women work throughout pregnancy and also need to manage the home. All of this causes extra load or pressure. At times like these Yoga helps out. There are many meditative asanas and stress management asanas which can be done through the three trimesters. They help to keep the mind calm, focused and alert. The very reduction of stress and keeping the mind calm does wonders during this important phase of a woman’s life.

Post Pregnancy

After pregnancy, it is important for the mother to remain healthy. This will enable care for the child. Gentle yoga asanas can be started after forty five days of delivery. After three months one can practice wonderful online yoga programs which will help start reducing excess weight. These also help the mother to get back in shape, physiologically. A healthy and happy mother automatically leads to a healthy child.

We can thus see that there are practices in yoga which help at every stage of bringing in a child in this World. Right from conception to delivery and post delivery. So start practicing yoga regularly. Even if you have not practiced before, you can opt for online yoga for pregnancy programs from wellzee. These are simple, safe and effective. However, make sure you take a clearance from your doctor before you start any yoga program or classes.

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