If you have crossed sixty years of age and want to keep healthy, Yoga for seniors is the best option for you. Even though you may be completely fit and healthy, the body will slow down and degenerate at a faster rate. At this time, we need to keep it strong and safe from diseases. Even if you have minor ailments, these can be easily managed. Our program consists of gentle and useful practices which will help keep you flexible and fit without straining you physically. You can split the routine as required and practice a few asanas, breathing or relaxation techniques as per your convenience. The key to leading a great life for senior citizens is to remain free of stress. Minor problems may keep happening due to the ageing process. Sometimes, you may have even had some major illnesses or lifestyle diseases. This should not prevent you from remaining very active and healthy. All diseases can be managed well especially with our yoga for seniors program One of the key recommendations is to walk. Try and walk on a daily basis, especially in the mornings or early evenings in a garden or some quiet surroundings. A moderate to brisk walk is ideal. Remain physically active by doing your own work; cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, gardening and other household chores are a great way to remain fit, physically as well as mentally. Get involved with a hobby or start a new one if you do not have any till now. Hobby is a great stress relief technique. A hobby will also keep you mentally agile and provide a strong purpose. On the diet front, eat light, balanced meals which are preferably vegetarian. Try to have your last meal by seven or eight pm at the latest and sleep early. All of these guidelines will help to keep you fit and very healthy.