Cervical Spondylosis Program


Long hours looking down at a laptop or device, lack of physical activity and overstraining cause cervical problems. If you have been unfortunate enough to get this problem but it is resolved or not acute, you should opt for this online yoga program. It is suitable for all age groups and is also an i...
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The cervical spondylosis online yoga program is meant for cases where the problem is not acute or is resolved. It is also useful where you do not have cervical spondylosis but keep getting a strain or pain in the cervical region due to desk bound activities. The routine is appropriate for men and women in all age groups with no other health problem....
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Cervical Spondylosis Program - English
Price: Rs. 1500
In this online yoga program there are postures which will give gentle but deep stretching to the entire back as well as the cervical region. None of these practices directly put excess pressure on the cervical region. This only yoga program is a safe one for cervical spondylosis. The entire program ... View More
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