Fitness Yoga Program Level 2


In this level 2 Fitness Yoga Program the routines are designed to make you progress. Even though some individual practices may be the same as Level 1, it is the arrangement and the routine which matters a lot. Also important is the time taken to complete an online yoga session. This level is of a lo...
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Good For:

The Fitness Yoga Program Level 2 is meant for all healthy adults and teenagers who have practiced level 1 for at least six months on a regular basis.

Fitness Yoga Program Level 2 - English
Price: Rs. 2000
The Fitness Yoga Program, Level 2, will challenge you mentally and physically as going through the entire routine without giving up is difficult. A few months of regular practice will show on your body and face. A healthy glow, a leaner body and a composed mind are some of the benefits you will noti... View More
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