Lumbar Disc Prolapse Program


Popularly known as ‘slipped disc’, this is another disease caused due to lifestyle and degenerative factors or extreme exertion. Once it is resolved, you need an effective online yoga program to get your back in shape. After your bed rest, medication and physiotherapy is done, you should opt for...
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This program is meant for individuals who have had a prolapsed disc but it should be commenced either after three months of the incident (provided it is resolving) or after it is resolved.

Lumbar Disc Prolapse Program - English
Lumbar Disc Prolapse Program - Hindi
Price: Rs. 1500
The Lumbar Disc Prolapse online yoga routine is around a thirty minute program and will help you strengthen your lumbar region as also provide it a deep massage and relaxation. This program should be practiced for till your back is in shape. Then you can move on to our regular online Yoga programs.... View More
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