Yoga For Arthritis


The Yoga for Arthritis Program can help manage mild to moderate arthritis of the knee. It is not only the elderly who get arthritis. Sometimes, even younger persons get arthritis like symptoms either due to over straining or less physical activity. This yoga for arthritis program will be beneficial ...
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This yoga for arthritis program is ideal for individuals who have mild to moderate arthritis and want to manage it non-surgically. If the problem is acute, then surgery may be the only option. However, this online yoga program will also help you to keep yourself fit after your surgery.

Yoga For Arthritis - English
Price: Rs. 2000
We understand that arthritis is more of an advancing age problem. We have therefore, kept the practices very simple in this program. In fact, most of the practices are to be done while sitting down or lying down. In this specially designed yoga for arthritis program, there are no extreme knee bends.... View More
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