Yoga for Asthma


Yoga is the best discipline to get rid of Asthma for good. This online yoga program is a mix of the most effective asanas, kriyas and pranayama to manage asthma. All it needs is some discipline to practice at least five days a week and a good balanced diet plan. You will be surprised to find that yo...
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Good For:

This online yoga program is good for all women, men and teenagers who have asthma or have had asthma and want to avoid a relapse.

Yoga for Asthma - English
Price: Rs. 2500
In this online yoga asthma program, you will find practices which cleanse the respiratory system, strengthen the lungs and enable your respiratory system to draw in the maximum amount of air. Expanding the chest cavity and strengthening the breathing related muscles is the focus of this program. Thi... View More
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