Yoga For Seniors


If you have crossed sixty years of age and want to keep healthy, Yoga for seniors is the best option for you. Even though you may be completely fit and healthy, the body will slow down and degenerate at a faster rate. At this time, we need to keep it strong and safe from diseases. Even if you have m...
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Good For:

This yoga for seniors program is good for all individuals in the age group of sixty and above. It is also safe and effective for individuals below the age of sixty. It is designed to also take care of issues like high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and orthopedic problems associated with advancing age. It is also good for persons who have recovered from cardiac related problems and given the go ahead by their doctor to practice an online yoga program...
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Yoga For Seniors - English
Price: Rs. 1000
This yoga for seniors program is a multipurpose program which has gentle stretching, cleansing techniques, energizing pranayamas and mind strengthening practices. You will remain joyous and in peak mental and physical condition. You will also not require any separate stress management programs... View More
Our experts are experienced in teaching Different types of Individuals.
They put forward effective & safe practices suited to Current Lifestyles.
Our experts understand the Modern Body and its limitations.

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