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By newblog | October 10th, 2013 | LEAVE A COMMENT

A recent study has found that south Asians (read Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis), due to a lack of exercise, have a significantly higher risk of diabetes and heart diseases. This risk is high even in pure vegetarian Indians due to two primary factors; incorrect eating habits and most importantly, lack of any kind of exercise.

This ethnic group does not like to exercise even if it becomes imperative. The only way they start some physical activity is when they are pushed into it by family and friends or it becomes a social activity in some fashion. Physical activity needs to have a social construct around it to make it attractive for people to exercise. Even after this, it is has been found, that people tend to drop out as they do not see too much of value in exercising. They are probably just mentally too lazy to exert.

The time has come to organize social activities around sports, outdoors and physical activities rather than food. This will start putting people on track to become conscious about their health. This is easier in Countries or regions where there is a lot of open space, gardens and natural surroundings.

So the next time someone in your family feels lazy, then join them rather than nagging them. Involve your kids in a lot of outdoor activities and sports rather than doing family outings in shopping centers and food malls. Your spouse or children may just start exercising.

One good solution is to practice Yoga as it can be done anywhere including in your house. It also does not take much time. Twenty minutes a day is enough to start making you healthy. In case you want something really effective and concise which you can do at home, then the best option is to opt for one of our programs at


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The best natural homemade probiotic foods is yogurt (curds) or dahi, as it is known and prepared in India. It is natural, made at home, has no preservatives and loaded with probiotic bacteria. Why spend 10 to 100 times more for fancy and processed supermarket or branded products?


Bring half a liter of fresh milk to a boil and let it cool down naturally till it becomes lukewarm. Once the milk is warm, add a tablespoon or two of curds or fresh unflavoured yogurt to it. In case of very hot climates, one teaspoon is also enough. Let the milk rest outside for a few hours, covered with a lid. Make sure the vessel is kept in a relatively warm place and is placed on a wooden surface or thick cloth. You could also wrap the vessel with a thick towel. The other option for cold climates is to heat up an oven to around 40 to 50 degrees then shut it off. Place the vessel inside.

The yogurt takes from between six to eight hours to form. Ideally, prepare this at night so that it is ready by morning. Once the yogurt is ready, transfer the vessel to a refrigerator and eat when you like. Refrigerated yogurt will last for 3-4 days without getting spoiled if it is kept well refrigerated.
If you don’t have homemade yogurt to begin with, then you can also put in a piece of bread to the milk to convert it to yogurt.

Making yogurt is more of observation and skill. If it is very cold you may need to put in more yogurt to the milk or let it rest more in a warm place. If it is too hot, the yogurt may turn rancid fast. So keep experimenting and arrive at your best formula.

Good yogurt is well formed and completely bland. There should be no acidity when you eat it. Having this in small quantities is very helpful for acidity and digestion and also contains protein and calcium in a form which is easy to absorb by the body.