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We all know that a sedate lifestyle results in health or weight issues and also contributes to mental stress. However, what is less known is that your life span also reduces if you are inactive. Various studies have shown that the lesser you sit, the lower the chances of diabetes and heart attack. Even if you have some of these lifestyle diseases, the risk reduces by remaining physically active. 

This does not meant that you sit through the day and do a one hour walk or work out. The body constantly needs to be in motion or a state of some physical activity. What this means is that we need to be doing something physical through the day. going to work and sitting for long hours in office is not physical activity. 

It has also been found that sitting less than three hours a day increases your life span and greatly reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases. So try and incorporate the following in your life:

  • Watch less tv and shorten your working hours on the computer
  • Take short walk breaks at work instead of coffee breaks
  • Walk for at least fifteen minutes four times a day
  • Pace a bit while talking on the phone
  • Take a moderate paced walk before lunch and supper / dinner
  • Keep getting up and pacing up and down the house occasionally
  • Involve yourself in household chores. The continuous movement involved in bending, stretching, walking even in a small house is beneficial. Add to that the fact that housework is never ending. This is a reason why homemakers who do all the work and cooking are healthy. This is fast changing and the best way to exercise is doing your housework on a daily basis. You would not even need to spend money on a gymnasium. 

However, practice Yoga for longevity. Yoga is the ideal philosophy to incorporate in daily life. Yoga has many benefits. read about them in our FAQ section. Opt for one of our effective goal and age based programs at


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Do you know the connection between your kids, stress and obesity? When you are stressed you tend to eat more of junk food as it has more sugar, salt and fat and the tongue craves for it. The body also demands more of sugar and glucose as it is becoming internally hyperactive. The obvious negative impact is increasing levels of blood sugar and fat. Therefore, obesity, diabetes and blood pressure are directly linked to stress. However, do you know the connection between your stress and obesity in your childrenWhen you are stressed, your children become fat.

It has been found that parents who are stressed, do not eat healthy. Their mind is not into serving the correct kind of food to their children. Since they are so occupied mentally, they may not have the time, inclination or ability to prepare and serve healthy food. Therefore, they tend to serve junk foods and packaged foods to their kids more often than parents who are not stressed.

A recent study published in the journal of pediatrics found that stressed parents of children between the age group of 3 and 17 would order more junk food from outside or serve junk food at home. The result is unhealthy or overweight children. This is in contrast to parents who were not stressed and relatively relaxed. They served the right kind of food to their children

There are various reasons which have been found for this:

– Work and earning pressures

– Being a single parent

– Lack of awareness of nutrition or lack of food preparation skills

– Just simply giving your children to eat what you eat when you are stressed.

So the next time you order from outside or give junk food to your kids, do think a bit. Opt for our healthy age based diet plans for your children. In case you are stressed, you could opt for one of our stress management solutions or write to us with a query on


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Do you know the junk food effects on kids? Obesity is the one obvious effect. It has been found that obesity can reprogram the brain and weaken memory and learning. Another research done by the American University adds to this. Eating junk food, fried food and high fat food causes the blood network around the hippocampus to become selective.

The hippocampus is the part of the brain which is responsible for memory and learning. When you eat high fat or junk food, the network surrounding the hippocampus does not allow certain kinds of inputs to reach it. This leads to lower memory and learning gradually. This impacts the retention capacity of kids including the memory that junk food is harmful. So the mind keeps getting conditioned physiologically. The brain cell structure starts to change gradually impacting studies or some other cognitive or aspects. Memory is an obvious casualty. 

The more this effect sets in, the higher is the craving for fatty and junk foods. We will eat more such food adding more fat. This starts to make the child obese and in turn causes weakening of memory. This cycle is a vicious one, and most of us do not realize it.  We take the easy way out to feed our kids. In Asian countries the trend is to eat out together as a family at fast food joints and chains. This reinforces the child’s memory that all this is fine to eat. 

However, we should not get alarmed. The junk food effects on kids trend can be reversed by diet changes and physical activity. Junk your burgers, pizzas, samosas, pav bhajis and sweets and move to healthier alternatives. If you want your kids to have good memories and do well at studies, then opt for our healthy diet plans to become smart and healthy. Also opt for our Yoga programs for kids or teens in case your child is overweight. 


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It is ironic that today we are all seeking weight loss foods. At the same time all of us across the world eat a lot of junk food or fast food. Most of the times, it is eaten knowingly and sometimes when there is no option. Fast food or junk food is not just pizzas, burgers and the like but also foods like street food available in various parts of the world.

We feel that eating this kind of food once in a while is fine. However, this is not true. Persons eating fast food even once a week increase their risk of getting diabetes and heart disease.

A study conducted by the University of Minnesota with a sample of 52,000 participants in South East Asia have found two surprising results:

  • Eating fast food even once a week dramatically increases the risk of getting diabetes and heart disease.
  • Most of the participants were young, educated and physically active.

What this means is that even if you are active, healthy and exercising well, you could get diabetes or related diseases just because you had a pizza, burger or some junk food. Street food is part of this mayhem because it is not cooked in a healthy fashion. Incorrect cooking medium, sub-standard produce, high salt levels & unhealthy ingredients are part of such foods. Even foods that you find in supermarkets and well known branded fast food chains are not healthy. So junk the burgers, pizzas and fried foods, unless you want to die young.

The best kind of weight loss foods to have are freshly cooked home made food with the right ingredients. There are many cookery shows and websites which show you how to cook healthy. Stick to good eating habits and stay young, fit and healthy. Learn to eat healthy with one of our diet plans.