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By Team Wellzee | February 27th, 2015 | LEAVE A COMMENT

Feeling Less Energetic

We are all rushing around and involved in a lot of different activities on a daily basis. Even if we may not be exerting ourselves physically, our mind is constantly at work. Even when we are on holiday or on a weekend, we are constantly engaged with electronic media and the internet. All this leads to depletion of energy. There are many times you feel tired, haggard and exhausted even though you have not done anything physical.

This tiredness happens more frequently if you are grappling with deadlines or have late hours. Work related aspects are the most energy draining in many countries. Add to this the challenge of travelling for work and the problem is compounded.

What are the Solutions to Gain Energy

There are many things which can be done to get energetic. Sleeping well and on time is a key factor. Taking a fifteen to twenty minutes break after lunch and dozing off is also a good idea. Walking on a regular basis helps in this. In addition there are many relaxation techniques and even some therapies available to rejuvenate.

The Most Important Factor

Out of the many things we can do, we tend to forget the most important factor to remain energetic. It is food. Food is meant as fuel and nutrition for the body. However, this is the one aspect we ignore or forget. It is important to know what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and how to eat. All of these aspects help us to maintain and enhance energy and enthusiasm. If we do not pay attention, then we start becoming lazy, dull or lethargic. This in turn impacts our lifestyle and state of mind. We may get mood swings or start feeling ‘low’.

What To Eat and Drink

We need to eat light, energy giving foods rather than junk foods. Energy foods are the ones which keep you fresh and also keep providing adequate nutrition. These food and drinks do not load the system or cause lethary. It is important to note over here that coffee (and any other artificial energy drink) is not an energy drink at all. So do not think this is a good thing to have. You feel temporarily refreshed, but things go downhill with continuous consumption.

Food To Eat

There are a lot of things you can munch on in small quantities through the day to keep up your energy levels. Fruits, chana (roasted gram), a small handful of peanuts, a few dry fruits, some dates, sprouts, brown bread vegetable sandwich, kurmura (puffed rice flakes), popped jowar, chapatti with honey spread on it, idli and dhoklas are all good foods to have to keep up your energy. Vegetarian foods will help you keep light and get you adequate nutrition. You may have these in very small quantities during the day and in between light meals.

Beverages To Have

The beverages which you can have and help a lot are many. Some of these are a meal by themselves. The four most important and nutritious beverages you can have are fresh coconut water, buttermilk (chhaas), lime juice (nimbu paani) and milk infused with herbs and condiments like ginger, turmeric and lemon grass. These provide electrolytes, micro nutrients and essential salts. In addition they help flush out toxins and make you feel refreshed, light and energetic.

If you are feeling tired, low or lethargic over a period of time and continue to feel the same way; try these foods and beverages to remain energetic at all times. For a long terms sustained balanced diet plan, visit us and take a plan of your choice. 


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Correct Eating Habits

The biggest challenge these days is eating correctly. Most of the times we land up eating junk food. Without realizing we consume extra salt, sugar and fats. A reduction in home cooking is another problem. We are more interested in eating fancy things and different types of cuisine. We are also reducing focus on fruits and vegetables and increasing protein intake, which is not too beneficial if we are not a lot oh heavy physical work.

Impact of Incorrect Eating

The impact of incorrect eating is not too great. An ever increasing number of people are getting problems even at young ages in spite of exercising. Digestion related problems, bone related problems, ulcers, stress, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol are some of the challenges we face. Even though we are aware and want to do something, we are unable to do so because there is a lot of conflicting information and incorrect information on diet.

Fad Diets

There are various myths going around for weight loss and various fad diets are being promoted. The fact remains that fad diets may have some very immediate short term results but a lot of medium to long term negative effects. You may lose weight fast with some of these diets. Some of them even claim to lose twenty or thirty kilos in two to three months.

However, there are problems associated with these. Nutritional imbalance occurs due to most of these diets. There is a greater load on kidneys and digestive systems and also lowering of the water content at times. All these are not too good for health. Some of these come to haunt you in the forms of diseases even after a couple of decades and we would not even know that this is happening due to a diet plan, which we had done many years ago.

What is Required?

What is required for long term, healthy and more permanent weight loss is a balanced diet plan consisting of a lot of natural unprocessed foods. You will start losing weight by replacing a lot of processed and packaged foods, junk food or restaurant food with home cooked, simple meals. Add a soup, dal, buttermilk or milk with your diet.

Some great foods you can have daily are cereals, vegetables and some fruits. Add some salad once a day if you can and you are already moving towards fat loss. Avoid cheese and butter but plain milk is fine. Cut down on sugar and salt, coffee and tea, alcohol and soft drinks, juices and sweetened beverages.

In case you are non-vegetarian, cut down consumption of red meat and keep it to a minimum. Even if you have chicken or seafood make sure the portions are small and the food is lightly cooked and flavoured. Ensure that different kinds of vegetables are included in your meals. If you skip potatoes and tomatoes completely, it is perfect. If you like eggs, cut out the yolk from it. Most importantly, avoid all pastries, baked breads and sweets.

Which Diet Plans are Good?

By now we know that all fad diets are not too good. Just because things are reported and marketed, does not mean it is good for you. Each human is completely different and we need to eat differently. So rather than worrying about which kind of diet to have, focus on eating nutritionally balanced meals and eat less. Ideally eat only till you are seventy five percent full. Just make some of these changes to manage your weight. In case you need some guidance, take one of our online diet plans to help you lose weight.


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What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a most discussed topic these days. There is a whole industry which has been created around meditation involving millions of dollars. Meditation cannot be taught. It can only be experienced. Meditation happens; you cannot do it or make it happen. It is the ability to sit with the mind perfectly still. It takes years and lifetimes to achieve this state, but a beginning has to be made.

Meditation Techniques

The first step towards meditation is to be able to sit quietly, in a silent place and without any disturbance, music or interruption. The various techniques we hear of or which are ‘taught’ or propogated are just tools to enable us to sit quietly. The mind is easily distracted. If we cannot sit, meditation cannot happen. So these techniques are nothing but means to keep the mind involved while you sit.

Some of them make use of sound, some make use of objects, some make use of our own thoughts or imagination and some make use of mental images and words. These techniques do not matter so much as the discipline to be able to sit quietly in a certain posture for fifteen minutes a day to begin with and going up to an hour.

Some Prerequisites

It is not just the mind; even the body has to be in a certain position. All forms of sitting will not aid meditation. In addition, the aspirant has to be on an empty stomach and ideally try to sit in meditation in the early mornings. There should be no sound, music or artificial fragrances around you. Natural sound of the wind, trees, birds are fine. Try and sit at the same time every day, seven days a week if you can. If mornings are not possible, then try meditating in the evenings.

Meditative Postures

There are certain characteristics of meditative postures. They are done sitting on the floor with legs folded or cross-legged. The arms have to be kept on the legs. There is no back rest and the body has to be kept erect. The head, neck and back have to be in the same line. If you try to be forcibly erect, the body alignment may change and cause strain on the back. So the correct way is to align the neck, body and spine.

Physiological Benefits of Meditative Postures

We have all heard about the benefits of meditation related to calming and control of the mind, stress management, improving memory and brain power and so on. But do you know that there are also physiological benefits of meditation and sitting in meditative poses? Some of the benefits of sitting in a certain way as explained above are:

  • Makes the body more stable and prevents it from keeling over or on the sides. This improves neuro muscular stability.
  • Sitting like this improves subconscious control on your posture and aids posture correction.
  • The spine remains in a vertical and straight position. A straight spine means no compression on the abdominal and chest muscles, leaving them free to breathe comfortably. This improves breathing capacity.
  • This position therefore ensures effective and improved digestion and excretion.
  • The natural curvature of the spine is preserved and any unnatural strain or curve in the backbone is avoided.
  • Energy consumption is the least from all the sitting postures leading to very low cardio-respiratory activity. This means greatly reduced blood pressure, heart rate and better exchange of gases between the blood and lungs.
  • Since the legs are locked at the knee level, the blood circulation in the legs become minimal and so is the need to pump blood against gravity due to the horizontal position of the legs. This reduces load on the heart and has a beneficial effect on blood pressure.
  • The blood flow is thus directed to the sacral, lumbar and pelvic regions refreshing and toning up these regions which also contain a significant amount of nerves. The nerves are toned and refreshed thus inducing peace and pleasantness.
  • When the knee is folded, there is a static stretch and reduction of blood supply. When you open out the knees, there is a rush of fresh blood supply improving the health of the legs and knees. A regular practitioner of Padmasana or Sukhasana will not experience pain or deformity in the knee joints or get arthritis.
  • The perineum region is also massaged and stretched gently in this pose, improving its functioning. Thus sexual and reproductive functions also improve.

With so many benefits of meditative postures, one should start trying to ‘sit’ in meditation not just for the mind but also for the health of the body. Look for an appropriate program to suit your needs from a range of our online yoga classes.


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Excess Activities & Lifestyle Issues

There is an increasing level of mind related activities these days. Work, multi-tasking, running a family, taking care of kids, internet, social media and much more. The mind is taxed completely. In conjunction with that, we are getting increasingly sedentary. Physical work is going away. Intense exercise once a day has its own challenges and drawbacks. Add to this incorrect eating habits and what we have, is a greatly stressed mind and body. In addition, we are sleeping less and the sleep we get is also not complete or sound.

Impact of Modern Lifestyle

The impact of a modern lifestyle are there for all those who care to see. Non-communicable diseases are dramatically on the rise. Much younger people are getting all kinds of problems and health issues, whether mental or physical. Greatly reduced fertility and sperm counts and many other physiological problems are all an outcome of this.

The Solution

We all seem to be running after a lot of solutions which are actually short cuts and do not address the root. For food, we do not want to control our lifestyle or exercise. Instead we want fad diets and surgeries. Same is the case for physical activity. We think adding gadgets is going to make life better. It only makes it worse. So what is the solution?

The solution is very simple. We need to learn to consciously relax. Conscious relaxation is not the same as sleeping or lying down in bed. It is also not about hypnosis or some mind therapies. It is just about learning to completely relax, mentally, physically and physiologically. Only when you are totally relaxed can your body function well. It is only in a relaxed state of mind that we are able to take proper decisions.


There are various techniques floating around for relaxation. But the best technique for complete relaxation at the cellular level is only Savasana. In fact it is so complete, that many individuals have made a business out of it. They come to India, pick up the instructions and the techniques, re-brand it as their own, throw in some dubious researches or misrepresented studies and make hundreds of millions of dollars. This kind of plagiarism and misuse is something very similar to what has happened with Ayurveda, Asanas (postures), Yoga Stress Management techniques, Pranayama and Kriyas (cleansing processes). 

Why is Savasana so Beneficial?

When we relax in Savasana, we completely let go of ourselves, without falling asleep. There are also certain instructions we give to ourselves. Therefore, relaxation achieved in Savasana is at great depth. It not only relaxes the mind, body and internal organs but also relaxes the subconscious mind and the super-conscious mind.

It relaxes the nervous system to an extent which is so complete, that it is compared to a dead body. When you reach complete relaxation, you can also gently lift the arm of the person and let it go. The arm will bounce gently and the person will not feel anything. Some of the great benefits of Savasana are:

  • Since this is the best anatomical position with no opposition to gravity in any part of the body, all the muscles relax, reducing the metabolic rate.
  • There is no need to circulate the blood with force so the blood pressure and the heart rate come down significantly.
  • Breathing becomes slow and rhythmic. The respiratory system improves.
  • The abdominal muscles tone up, improving digestion.
  • Facial muscles relax, slowing down the propensity for wrinkles
  • Since the mind is relaxed and muscle tension also goes down to a minimum, there is an elimination of stress.
  • There is a permanent tranquility effect which cannot be achieved even by taking tranquilizers or drugs.
  • It is very good for insomnia (inability to sleep well) and hypertension.
  • It is a very good asana to improve energy and alertness while awake.
  • When you practice Savasana for twenty minutes a day every single day, it starts giving many benefits. If you practice daily for a year, it will change your metabolic processes to manage and even eliminate many diseases.
  • Prolonged Savasana practiced over months leads to such complete relaxation, that it starts reducing your requirement to sleep. One of the reasons that Yogis are able to work without any impact with minimal sleep, is their ability to relax and rejuvenate. However, please note that this stage is reached after months or years of practice, with a correct lifestyle and practice of Yamas and Niyamas.
  • Memory sharpens and the conscious and sub-conscious mind start getting ‘tamed’. These cannot then impact your conscious states too much.

With so many benefits, who would not want to practice Savasana daily? All that is required is a quiet place on the floor to lie down and spare twenty to thirty minutes a day. For great Yoga programs which can change your life, select one of the Wellzee online yoga classes.


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The World in a frenzy

The world is getting more frenzied by the day. There are too many things happening which are not required at all. All people are made in different ways and they get impacted with varying intensities. All we see around us is pushing us towards mindless consumption in the name of technology and science.

The other aspect is that, everything is designed to make us to stop applying our minds constructively. Today a google decides what search results, companies or information you should see based on computer programs which are prepared by very ignorant and imperfect programmers.

This is true for every organisation. The only objective is to make the population mentally lazy and manipulate them for profit maximization under the garb of technological empowerment. But who creates this kind of frenzy and a conscious effort to ‘dumb down’ humanity and make them unhealthy and stressed?

The Egoistic, Hyperactive Type

The hyperactive and egoistic varieties create this frenzy. They are extremely egoistic and think they can rule the world. Massive consumption and pandering to the senses even at the cost of the destruction of the World is a key hallmark of this variety. Trying to ‘be superior’ and believing on and acting on notions that they are the best on Earth and greatest nation, etc. are other signs. This belief fuels economic growth leading to destruction. A lot of innovations happen, most of which do not help the mind but only pander to the body and the senses.

I am sure we can guess people, organisations, races and nations which come under this type. Even though that is their nature, mental faigue and physiological stress takes over. This leads to wrong decisions, becoming impervious to reality and refusing to change even at the cost of total destruction.

The Mentally Lazy Type

The other variety is the mentally lazy ones. They are followers and want to be led or believe they have to follow something or someone ‘superior’ or better. They are driven by fear. The fear of not being part of this world or fear of being left out.

They are easily influenced by material glamour on one hand and by articulate advertising and branding on the other. They prefer someone else to do their thinking for them (without even realizing it). They believe anything which is communicated with conviction and which appeals to their sense of belonging to a group or a system (e.g. Consumerism, economics, capitalism, technology, religious cults, etc).

The ones who are more mentally lazy become easy prey for this frenzy even though it is not in their nature. They try to ‘follow the world’ so as not to be left out. The result is that we want bigger cars and houses. More clothes, eat more good food (not healthy), want more and more gadgets, work more without resting and so on. These are the ones who face maximum stress. Unfortunately, this ‘mentally lazy’ category is most of us. This has got nothing to do with being rich or poor.

The Result

Probably 99% of the planer consists of a combination of the mentally lazy and the hyperactive frenzied types.

Everyone wants to be part of some group or follow something or someone. We do this without realising what is good for us and what does not work for us. The net result is stress. No wonder then, that global researches have put the percentage of stressed people at over 90%. This also includes children between the ages of eight and thirteen.

We are making every effort to drive us and people around us, mad. The only solution is to be more balanced in everything we do. However, many years of conditioning and lack of awareness of the mind and body prevents us from doing so.

The Third Type

The solution to the above problem is to become the third type. These are the rare but balanced inviduals. The balanced individuals we come across (and even groups and nations) or see, are either ignored or not treated too well. In many cases, we brand them as ‘out of sync with reality’ or worst, consider them to be mad. But the fact remains, that to be free from stress and lead a very meaningful life, we have to start regaining our balance from the above two types of mind.

Regaining Balance: Become the Third Type

The first stage towards improving and balancing yourself works in two steps:


Relaxation and adequate rest is the starting point for becoming more balanced. We need to sleep early and sleep well. A thirty minutes nap in the afternoon after a light lunch is important. Practicing asanas like savasana and dridhasana on a daily basis are of great help. You can opt for any one of our multiple online yoga programs to help you.

Control Your Nerves

In addition to rest and relaxation, we also have to start controlling our nerves better. The The more we try to consciously become aware of ourselves and relax, the better is our control on the nerves. Better control on the nerves and more awareness means keeping diseases away and having a good life.

The best technique for this is watching your breath. Another nice technique is to sit quietly for fifteen minutes a day in a quiet place and do nothing. Both of these can be done sitting cross legged or with knees folded or even on a chair, if you have arthritis. Take our stress management program to learn how to relax and control your nerves.  


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Worry Factor

The biggest stress or worry factor for parents as well as students is not really health or self development. Career choices seem to be bothering students as well as parents the most. But I guess it’s the parents who are more troubled with it than their children. Most young people and teens are fairly clear these days as to what they want to do. In case of confusion, they just need some guidelines as to what are the options available in various fields.

Parents and Counselors Are a Problem

Unfortunately, most parents and counselors are not aware of career options. Further, they try to live their unfulfilled lives through their children and force career choices on them. This is going to create stress. If your child is good at art and also good at science, parents will force them to take up a science related career; or worse; put them in engineering and force them to do MBA. But the young adult wants to be an artist. So there is going to be confusion and stress. We do not train and allow individuals to take their own decisions.

Tips To Make A Career Choice

There are just a few simple things one can do decide on a career. Parents can help collate information for the student in their area of interest and let them decide. Just remember these few simple tips to help you make a great career choice:

  • What are you good at? There are many things you could be good at but you have to opt for what you are the best at. In case you are good at science and art, but if you are better at art, then pick that up. In today’s day and age, every activity is commercially lucrative.
  • Look for information and options in your desired fields and disciplines. There are multiple options available and everything is commercially viable. So you need not worry about whether you are going to make money. If you do what you genuinely want to and are focussed, you will make money.
  • Psychometric or other career related tests don’t help. The results keep changing all the time as every individual keeps evolving all the time. There are quite a few talents which no test can identify for you. Only you can know yourself. An honest self assessment is the best test you can take.
  • You already know what you really like or are good at. In most cases what you like and what you are good at, is the same. You don’t need someone else to tell you what you are good at.
  • Many parents try to impose their likings, views or opinions regarding careers on their children. Listen to all information and viewpoints, but decide what you want. Parents are not always wrong either.
  • Peer pressure is another area which is not good. Speaking with friends or seniors is one thing, but getting swayed is quite another. If people without experience or in the same boat as you, are going to guide you, you may run into trouble. Again listen to all views but make your own choice.
  • Decide and move ahead in the direction of your choice. Even an interest in literature or the arts can make you money if you do it well and stick to it. Passion and perseverance is the key to success in any discipline.
  • Don’t worry about what your life will be like five or ten years down the line. You will land up taking a wrong decision. Go with what you definitely like today and are capable to do it.
  • Be rational. E.g. there is a big difference in being creative and actually thinking you are creative. You may want to be an architect but if you are bad at geometry as well as art, it is probably a fantasy.
  • If you are in some doubt then it is advisable to do some internships or work for two to three years. The exposure to real life will help clarify what you want to do. Sometimes it even takes ten to fifteen years to figure out you are in the wrong profession or field.

What we are saying is very simple:


If you are still stressed about your children’s career then probably you should opt for some online stress consultation with our expert. 


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Stress Is Integral To Life

We all seem to be stressed these days. The stress could be about having a lot of work pressure. It could be about health, finance or interpersonal issues. Stress could also be general in nature or specific or situational. A lot of times it may be overkill or over reaction and many a times it could be very genuine. The fact remains, that we do have a lot of daily challenges to tackle. More often than not we are unable to distinguish between a genuinely challenging situation and something which is not stressful. 

The problem arises when we think these challenges, whether real or perceived, are too important or too serious. This problem grows larger due to an inability to manage a particular situation. If we generally worry too much about the future and financial security, we get stressed. A combination of a challenged life and worry, starts draining the mind and at times the body.

Taking A Break Can Be More Stressful

When this impact of perceived stress increases, we feel like taking a break. Our idea of taking a break varies from going binge drinking, to sleeping a lot on weekends or eating a lot of unhealthy food. However, we do not realize that all these options are not good and help to create more stress, whether mental or physiological. Sometimes, when we work without balancing our lives for a long time, we feel like taking a longer break. For all of us, vacations means going to a different city or country for a few days.

We all seem to think that taking a break or a vacation necessarily means going away somewhere. This actually causes a lot of stress. Right from coordinating work schedules of the family, holidays for the kids, choice of destination, travel plan, budget and what to do; etc. Whether you are going with friends or family, we all get stressed. These days we are also stressed about the clothes we wear and what kind of pictures we will take because the idea is to put them on to Facebook or Instagram. Sadly, we have started taking holidays to show others.

If we are alone and want to take a holiday, we avoid it because people think this is a ‘mad’ thing to do. Especially in Asian cultures, being alone (even if we may be happy) is looked down upon.

A Great Vacation Idea

So what is the best way to avoid all of these and still have a great holiday? Take holidays from work, but do not go to another destination. You can have a perfectly great vacation at home. Behave like a tourist in your own city and you will realise there are so many things to do and enjoy. You may find that you do not know your city at all. You could do any or all of the following:

  • Indulge in hobby classes and activities.
  • Visit all the places you have not been to in your city. Take a city tour.
  • When was the last time you went to a museum or a book reading or an art gallery? Visit cultural places and soak in the culture of your own city.
  • Attend concerts and theatre.
  • Visit cafes, sit in gardens and read.
  • Walk around and find things to discover in your own town and city.
  • Laze around and get started on that fitness plan you have been thinking about.
  • Read good books, sleep a little more, cook food for yourself and your family.

Catch up on all the things you wanted to do. You will be very pleasantly relaxed and refreshed. This will recharge you much more than going to another destination or taking a typical tourist holiday. This kind of a break does not need too much of planning and many days to be taken as leave. Additionally it is much more relaxing than a holiday in another destination. Try this approach the next time you want to take a break or be on a holiday. It will completely de-stress you.

If you still have a challenge with stress or relaxing then opt for a wellzee stress management program which will start showing results in just ninety days.


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Spending On Fitness, Is It Required?

There is an explosion of fitness the World over at least in terms of products and services and awareness building. Being a ‘money heavy’ industry, all organisations are trying to jump on to the health and fitness bandwagon. There are so many gadgets, equipment, supplements, fad diets, weight loss clinics and fitness centers today, one may think that this is all that the world is doing. However, all of them are really expensive in actual terms.

You buy a monitoring gadget or enroll for some fitness plan at a high cost. How often do you use it? Many a times you do not even know that what you are buying may not be appropriate for you. However, this is another case of ‘hard sell’. Since it is a multi billion dollar industry, organisations need you to spend even when it is not required.

Fitness is Free

Do you know that you do not need to spend any kind of money to be fit and healthy? There are many things you can do and you will suddenly realise; “why am I paying money for something that is free”?

Fitness Activities

There are so many things one can do to remain fit without joining a gym or fitness center.

  • Brisk walk in a garden or in an open space. If you do not have such spaces around you, walk in the mornings on a longer stretch of road.
  • Jog slowly in the early morning or later in the evenings.
  • Practice free hand exercises. Every form of exercise is available for free online. Watch the tutorials and practice.
  • Put on music and dance in your home for half an hour a day. Imagine yourself as a dance expert and dance with joy and a bit of vigor.
  • Walk whenever you can. If you use public transport, make it a point to get off a stop early and walk.; once going to work and once coming back from work.
  • Climb stairs at your workplace and walk around instead of taking coffee or smoke breaks. Stand while you talk and have corridor discussions. Make sure you move around or stand for at least half your working time.
  • Do all your housework, including cooking. If you manage this, you may not need any other form of exercise.
  • Play sports. If you have a local gymnasium or a ground, play some sports if you are a sports enthusiast.
  • Practice asanas. This is the best way to remain fit and healthy. All you need is a thick carpet, towel or mat to spread on the floor of your room. Take our effective but simple online yoga program. You will start getting results in just ninety days.

Eating Right

Change your food habits to eat healthy and sensibly. We do not require any fad diets, extreme diets or calorie counting to eat sensibly. Just be aware of how you feel when you eat certain foods. Just becoming aware of your body will help you to eat better. To understand how to eat nutritious food which is also tasty, take a wellzee balanced diet plan or opt for an online diet consultation.


If we have done all of this we do not require any gadgets to monitor ourselves. If we are breathing very hard, we are tired and need to rest. We do not need gadgets for that. If our heart beats very fast, we can actually feel it; we do not require a heart rate monitor. If we are having a correct lifestyle and sleeping soundly there is no requirement for sleep monitors. If there is any improvement, the body will tell us in terms of better weight management, feeling better, being less stressed, easier breathing, better digestion and so on.

You do not require to spend money on any kind of fad diets, gyms or agonizing over too much of information and news reports. Fitness and health is a mega billion dollar industry and they want you to spend money so they can get rich.

But the real fact is: FITNESS IS FREE!