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By Team Wellzee | January 3rd, 2017 | LEAVE A COMMENT


There are many ways to bring a new year. Most of us do that with resolutions. Most of the times we are unable to meet these resolutions or stick to them. The following are some of the easiest things to do and backed by research which everyone can follow:


Research has shown that for all emotions, the same hormones and chemicals are released in the body. This is true for negative as well as positive emotions. It is later that the mind decides what the emotion is all about. This happens unconsciously and in a fraction of a second. Therefore, we are not aware of it. Emotions could be pride, jealousy, hate, anger, anxiety, joy, excitement and so on. Their pathology is the same. It is the perception that impacts us in a certain way.


It has also been found that the worst emotion to have is guilt. Guilt about not meeting resolutions. Guilt about interpersonal relationships or about so many other things. It is the most damaging thought process and emotion we face. The impact is massive. Even for smokers or those who enjoy their drinks, guilt is more often the cause for diseases than the alcohol or tobacco itself.


The best way to tackle guilt, therefore is to not feel guilty. It has been found that when we feel guilty about something, we ACTUALLY DO NOT CHANGE. It is only when we become aware and stop guilt that we automatically improve.


To help you get rid of this unwanted emotion, follow the following ten points:

1) Enjoy what you are doing at that point of time. One cannot worry and enjoy at the same time. If you love great food, have diabetes and have some sweets, do so with joy. Think a bit later on how to adjust your next meal. But do not feel guilty after eating. Same is the case with smoking, drinking and sex.

2) Anger and anxiety are harbingers of guilt. If you manage anger and anxiety, guilt does not have a chance to set in. So try anger management techniques like counting to 100 or sitting quietly or watching your breath. You can check out more of these on our special programs. 

3) Do not be defensive about yourself. You are totally unique and have to find your own path. What is right for someone else is not necessarily applicable to you.

4) Do things which are right and appropriate for you. Sometimes, this may come in conflict with near and dear ones, but communicate diplomatically and take their support.

5) Do not change yourself based on what others want you to be or their perception of you.

6) Similarly do not force or coerce others (including family) to change as per your requirements. If there is a chain smoker in your family, let them be. Help, support and be friendly. Do not nag. Else they will feel guilty and irritated.

7) Take up a constructive hobby. This is one of the best ways to erode guilt. When you are joyfully involved in things you like, there is no scope for guilt. It may take a while to find out what you really like; but keep trying and experimenting and you will find something you love.

8) Have fun, enjoy; be it with friends, family or alone. There is no harm in going alone for a movie or on a nature walk or a trek or even for a lavish dinner.

9) Do not feel guilty about making money – even lots of money.

10) Last but not the least, spend with joy and on the right things. This includes yourself, near and dear ones, gifts and social causes.

Try some or all of these and see your life swing to joy. Have a great 2017