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By Team Wellzee | April 14th, 2018 | LEAVE A COMMENT

Weight Loss Problem

The biggest challenge at a global level today is weight management. In most countries, around 25% to 35% of the population is already over weight or fat. This figure is set to cross 40% at a global level and specifically in countries like the USA, India and China.

Exercise Failure for Weight Loss

People across the World have been trying out various modes of exercise for weight loss. Most do not result in weight loss. Even if it does, you put on weight again. So there is a dilemma we are facing.

Some things work for certain individuals and some work for others. However, there is one sure shot solution which is explained below. It is called HIIT.

HIIT Or High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is a form of exercise which has developed over the recent few years which enables sustainable weight loss which is relatively healthy, stable and reasonably fast.

In HIIT, one does not have to exercise for a long time. Twenty minutes a day is all that is required. We need to warm up for a few minutes in our preferred form of cardio vascular exercise like running, spinning, cycling or even dance and zumba.

Then we have to get the heart rate up very rapidly and keep it there for a minute. Then we slow down for two minutes and keep repeating the cycle till we cross twenty or thirty minutes. The ratio is normally 1:2 between high intensity and low intensity.


5 minutes warm up on the treadmill

1 minute running at a speed of 10 or 12 kmph

2 minutes walking at a speed of 5 or 6 kmph

Repeat the cycle 3 or 4 times and cool down for 5 minutes.

Practice this at least four days a week and combine with healthy and sensible eating. Your weight will start coming down. Write to me for weight loss consultation or any wellness related issues on or call on 9892248408


By Team Wellzee | April 12th, 2018 | LEAVE A COMMENT

Weight Loss Myth

There is a misconception prevailing that one cannot sleep too much or after meals if one wants to lose weight. The actual problem is not sleep, the problem is that we eat too much and do not allow the body to digest it effectively.

Quantity and Quality of Food is Important

One of the most important aspects for weight loss or weight management is the quantity of food we eat and the quality.

By quantity we mean one should eat only till one is 70% full. Never go up to 100% or more. Even within this, one-third of our diet should be healthy liquids.

Quality means healthy food for most of the time. Complex carbohydrates, whole grains, dairy, fresh vegetables, soups and fresh, good quality non-vegetarian food.

Role of Sleep

When we sleep well, the body gets a better chance to digest and absorb the food well and provide the vital nutrients to all the organs in the body via the blood stream. Even sleeping or lying down after meals actually do not increase weight. In fact, the reverse may happen.

How To Sleep for Weight Loss

After lunch and dinner, try and lie down on your left side for thirty minutes and relax. All your digestive organs are on the left side and most of your blood flow needs to diverted to the stomach and related organs for at least an hour or two after meals.

If you start other activities immediately, then essential blood flow and the body’s energy gets diverted to other areas. This results in partial or incomplete digestion. partial digestion leads to building up of excess fat molecules in the body.

Sleep After Meals is Natural

This is the reason why we all feel lethargic or sleepy after meals. It is nature’s mechanism to make us lie down and relax so that digestion can be completed.

Therefore, you observe in all ancient cultures and even in many places today, there is the concept of an afternoon siesta. Once our digestion is almost done, we feel fresh and more energetic and can work better for the rest of the day.

So start getting into the habit of relaxing or dozing off on your left side after lunch and dinner, whenever possible for you. To get great weight loss diet plans, write to me on and also visit