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yoga for stress management

There are a lot of times when we have phobias or anxiety about certain things. These may hamper you in your daily life. At times they may impact your personal or professional lives. However, there is something interesting that has been found. Researchers at a hospital in Boston have found that persons having anxiety or phobias age faster. The difference between persons (with the same age) with no anxieties or phobias and with some anxiety or phobia was found to be around 6 to 8 years. This means that if there is something you fear or are anxious about something, you will live less. This happens because the cells in your body die out faster. The technical term us cellular degeneration. This should be considered when undertaking any stress management activities.

Anxieties or phobias are nothing but some aspects of your life which your mind feels is detrimental to you. More often than not, these are rooted in fear. Fear as an emotion is required in physically hazardous and extreme situations to keep you safe. Imagine if our ancestors were completely fearless and not run away from wild animals or other dangers. There probably would have been no humans or very few humans.

Fear gets ingrained in us at an early age and operates even where there are no life threatening situations. The problem occurs when fear becomes deep rooted and impacts your functioning or prevents you from doing what you require or want. We all have a fear of change. We do not want situations to change and want to remain in a comfort zone. Sometimes, even an adverse situation becomes a comfort zone.

Worrying about anything is all a factor of fear. Phobias are an extreme manifestation of fear. To take an example some individuals may have a fear of spiders. Actual house spiders are harmless but this fear can take over your life. Similarly, constant worrying or anxiety is actually some deep rooted fear. Fear is present to some degree in all humans since the day they are born. But giving in to fear, phobia and anxiety will result in faster ageing, stress and onset of diseases.

One of the best ways to train your mind to get rid of fear is to practice Yoga for stress management. Yoga philosophy is the only one which gradually removes fear. It is a slow and lengthy process but works in 100% of all individuals. If you do not have fear, you do not have stress. Therefore, tackling fear is and integral part and parcel of good stress management programs. Opt for our stress consultation from our expert counselor.

By Team Wellzee | September 9th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

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