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yoga for seniors

A major concern for most countries is an ageing population & therefore, Yoga for seniors becomes important to maintain brain health. Even countries like India which will have a primarily young population as a percentage will actually have a very large proportion of above 60 citizens in absolute numbers (few hundred million). The challenge is not only managing their physical health problems but also ensure they remain mentally fit.

A European study has corroborated what the ancient Indians knew. Keeping physically fit or being involved in some physical activity on a regular basis also keeps your brain in shape. A report by ‘Neurology’, has found that persons who exercise regularly also had ‘fit’ brains. The brain tends to shrink or get damaged as you get older. However, if you have been exercising regularly for 3 years or more, the brain maintains its natural healthy size and remains free from damage or shrinkage. There have been other studies which show that practicing Yoga for more than two to three years on a daily basis actually help regenerate brain cells and ensure the neurons keep firing.

Exercise does not necessarily mean some intense exercise form or going to a gymnasium. Exercise could be anything you desire as a regular activity and could range from walking to sports, to household chores to weights. The single idea is to keep moving through the day and stretch and bend a bit when you get the chance. Also what is important is some meditation techniques and having exposure to nature, gardens, open air and trees.

Yoga has been found to be the best discipline to follow to not only prevent deterioration but actually improve brain power as you grow older. To keep your brain in shape, opt for our Yoga program for seniors at the link given below:                                                                                                                                            

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