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Brahmari for stress relief

Have you heard of buzzing Yoga for stress management? Yoga has many practices and techniques to take care of stress management. However, there is one form of pranayama in Yoga which is perfect for beating stress. It is very simple and can be done by anyone very safely. All you have to do is make the buzzing or humming sounds like those made by bumble bees or honey bees. It is called brahmari or the sound of the bees.

Make sure you practice this in a quiet place with no sounds around you. Shut off your phones, devices, music and television. Sit comfortably with your back erect and shut your eyes. Ideally, you should sit cross legged on the floor. If you cannot, then sit comfortably on a chair with your legs straight and back erect and head looking straight. Shut your eyes and gently place your fingers on your eyes (no pressure to be applied at all) and close your ears with your thumbs. Do not insert your thumbs in the ears but close the ears by pressing the small lobe (the one towards the face) inwards to cover the ears.

Take a gentle but deep breath and while exhaling slowly, make a humming sound with your mouth shut. Try and keep humming till all the air is exhaled comfortably. There should be no strain during exhalation. Do this 4-5 times and then just stay there with your eyes shut for a couple of minutes enjoying the feeling. It is a wonderful experience. Do this twice a day or when you are stressed or angry. It will calm you down.

This pranayama is known as brahmari. Practicing this daily also helps to realign neurological balance, improve memory and get more focused in your work. One of the finest techniques for anger management, brahmari also helps relieve anxiety.  Find out about more stress management techniques and plans  on

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