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yoga for children

Children today are spending less time outdoors and more time indoors in front of computers and smart phones. Eye yoga for children, therefore is important because gaming, studies, social interactions and entertainment have all gone ‘online’.

The entire new generation is growing up in front of a computer. Apart from the obvious physical impact of not getting enough exercise and sunlight for growing children, the other consequence is impaired eyesight.

In a recently conducted study it has been found that 9 out of 10 young adults and children in South and South East Asia are getting impacted by short sightedness. There is a complete lack of physical activity even for the eye muscles. This is primarily due to increased desk bound and schooling activities. There are four solutions which parents need to implement:

  • Get children to spend more time outdoors. They also need to take time out and spend some time in outdoor activities.
  • Play games and sports and spend time in and around nature. All of these will ensure adequate ‘working out’ of long and short distance vision muscles.
  • Spend at least an hour at home doing things other than doodling on your smart phone or tablet. Get them involved in hobbies like craft or cooking.
  • Buy our eye care program and practice regularly for healthy eyes.
By newblog | June 12th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT