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The world over, there is an increase in medications to manage pain. From paracetamol to morphine and more advanced medicines; are all used to manage chronic or momentary pain. Pain medication could be over the counter or prescribed by doctors based on specific conditions. It is also administered during or after dental procedures and even surgeries to reduce or eliminate pain. Most of these medications work by numbing the sensations or the nerve endings. Some are harmful in the long run and some may not have too many side effects. However, all medication will tend to have some side effects in the long term or short term.

Another problem is getting used to such medication and become psychologically dependent as well. So all in all, its not such a great idea to be dependent on pain killers. That brings us to an important question; what is to be done if pain killers are to be avoided? The answer is meditation.


There have been so many studies done on meditation and its impact on the mind and body. However, some studies concluded recently in the US clearly demonstrate the pain relieving effects of meditation and relaxation techniques to be found in Yoga. A few minutes of meditation everyday has found to have better pain relieving effects than even powerful drugs such as morphine.

Individuals groping with pain who incorporated yoga relaxation techniques and meditation techniques were found to have much calmer brain scans, reduction in actual pain and a significant reduction in even emotional pain.

In a clinical setting and under observation it was found that four twenty meditation sessions greatly improve pain treatment in patients with even chronic pain caused by serious diseases or surgeries. This was reported by a study in the Journal of Neuroscience.


These results combined with many others are very interesting for us. All of us who have become dependent on pain killers, over the counter pain medication, paracetamol and other more serious drugs now have a choice. Just by twenty minutes of meditation in a day, which is totally free, one can become, ‘pain free’ and lead great lives. Most of the times, it is not a disease or the surgery which is the problem, but the pain perception which causes disruption in our lives.

Imagine not having migraines, chronic headaches, unexplained body aches, pain related to arthritis and orthopedic problems and other pains not explained by pathology. We can actually move on to being active and lead active lives, free of pain.


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