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weight loss programs for women

There are many weight loss programs for women. However there is nothing specific geared towards weight gain caused during menopause. Women feel that menopause brings on weight gain. This is not true. There are a couple of reasons why this happens.

– What happens is there is a drop in estrogen levels leading the brain to instruct the body to store some more fat to counter sudden hormonal as well as nutritional changes. In fact, this excess fat at this time is required to tide over such changes and to ensure that women do not face any health issues. Such weight gain can be temporary if you choose it to be so.

– The other reason is age related. As we grow older, our metabolism changes. So even though we lead the same lifestyle with similar diet patterns of the past few years, we may tend to put on weight. All that is required is some course correction. Excessive exercise or dieting is not required or advisable especially at this crucial stage of life.

An adequate diet with an effective Yoga program at this stage will ensure optimal weight and health. After this stage, the body settles down in a new natural state. However, you need not worry too much about the exact weight or size or measurements.

Practicing Yoga four to five times a week for two to three years will ensure correct absorption of nutrients and the appropriate weight. Therefore, this is a stage similar to when an individual becomes sedentary over a period of time. All you need to do is practice Yoga regularly. If you do this in your mid years, you need not worry too much later on. Sign up for our Yoga programs for gentle and effective Yoga at from the women’s special section and opt for our diet plan on:

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