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Mindfulness And Its Benefits

First off, let’s understand the difference and similarities between mindfulness and meditation. Think of them as the two different sides of the same coin. Consider yoga to be a superset which contains a subset called mindfulness.Meditation broadly involves consciousness, concentration, and self-regulation. Being in the present, past and future is what yoga typically has to offer.


Mindfulness is the specific act of focusing on the present moment. It’s about living in the here and the now. Acceptance and submission without judgement. For example, if you’re drinking coffee, exercising mindfulness would mean being fully aware and receptive of its aroma, taste, and color. It is about creating a space around us which is exclusively for ourselves, space to live, think, breathe and evolve.

Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

Reduced Overthinking:
When a person is dealing with anxiety, the mind tends to galavant into different avenues and is usually distracted or found ruminating. Once the negative thought has entered your brain, it will want to start growing and take more and more space and control. Mindfulness will teach you how to not feed the thought and let it pass as soon as it enters your mind.

Reduced Stress:
Everyday life in the present times can be very stressful. Work pressure, relationship trouble, family issues what have you! Stress can lead to an excessive spike in the cortisol levels, which in turn can lead to major health problems. Mindfulness can reduce stress by not allowing it to germinate.

Improves focus and concentration:
The ability to focus or concentrate on something is probably the single most important ability when it comes to having a successful work or family life. Hence inevitably, the ability to focus is a basic prerequisite to success in life. Mindfulness is an antidote to a mind that tends to easily wander off in a different place.

Reduces Emotional volatility:
A lot of people who might be calm in general might have a tendency to be emotionally volatile in relationships or in social bonds. Being in a mindful state allows to not get emotionally swayed and view the bigger picture from a bird’s-eye point of view.

Higher Cognitive flexibility:
People will have a higher more complete understanding of their brain with the help of practicing mindfulness.This means people who practice mindfulness will have a higher, more streamlined intuition.

Self Analysis and Suppressed Ego:
People who practice mindfulness develop a sense of self-analysis, where everything is broken down and studied from a non biased logical approach. This helps in forming neurotic pathways in the brain where the ego is not only kept in check but also minimized.


Practicing mindfulness is for all people of all ages, genders, cast, race, and creeds.Everyone has something to gain from this wonderful art form. Contact us for more details and plans.

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