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stress management with music

Music has a link with stress management. Most of us like music. But the music we listen to today is of different genres.  It is a well known fact that music helps to relieve stress. But what kind of music is helpful to relieve stress? Soothing, is the term. But soothing is not a matter of subjectivity any more. Most of the music today is noise; loud and electronic in nature.

There are various genres of music and within each there are beats, tunes and lyrics. All these three factors contribute to your mental state and health. Music which has a lot of screeching, grating, electronic sounds and fast beats, are not really great for health. Electronic, metal, rock, trance, rave, hip hop,electronic, funk, and other similar genres adversely affect you and make you stress prone. Songs with aggressive, negative or dark lyrics are also not good for stress. Words in the song matter as much as the music itself.

All of us have had a night out at a club, discotheque or at house parties. Most of the times we feel tired, haggard, low and even miserable even though we may not have had much to drink. This is because your health status, stress and ‘hangover’ has as much to do with the music as it has to with physical fatigue or drinking. Switch to music which is soothing and helps you to rejuvenate.

The right kind of music to listen to is one which has a lot of real instruments, slower beats and lyrics which are positive and elevating. Any song with less than 60 beats per minute with positive lyrics is the right kind of song to listen to. Anything else may sound good but is not really helpful if you want to focus, have sound sleep and generally by happy. If you are stressed and need something to elevate you then do visit our stress management section:

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