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Balanced diet plan & turmeric

We all talk about a balanced diet plan from a perspective of health or weight management. However, there are various ingredients which can help to heal the body. There are various herbs and naturopathy or ayurvedic remedies available. At different points of time, some herb or the other gets promoted as a wonder food and when the fad dies out, there is another super food waiting.

However, there is one universal super food and is also one of the most effective natural healer. This is turmeric. It is consumed regularly in most parts of India as a colouring or flavouring agent or as a spice. Indians therefore are regular consumers of turmeric by default as it is part of seasoning powders or recipes for most preparations in India. Indians also firmly believe that turmeric is an essential part of balanced diet plan.

Fresh turmeric boiled with milk and had as a beverage has many healing and immunizing properties. Turmeric water (turmeric boiled in hot water) has similar properties. Gargling with this water helps keep away gum disease in addition to cleansing the throat and imparting a clear voice.

It is good for colds, coughs, asthma, flu, sore throat, infections of the mouth and throat, sores, ulcers, etc. It can heal the body from inside.
Turmeric paste applied externally works as an antiseptic and healer. It is good for wounds and cuts including cuts in the mouth or gums.

Face packs made with turmeric as an ingredient are very good for healing the skin. The complexion glows and it helps get rid of acne, pimples and rough and dry skin.

There are various researches being conducted which are highlighting cancer fighting properties of turmeric. There are many other benefits as well. So without any delay incorporate some turmeric in your daily diet.

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