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Professional success is something we are all concerned about all the time. The problems is we do not what is professional success. Is it getting promotions or rising up the ladder? Is it making more money or getting a fancy car? Is it having many properties or is it being known in the industry? There are many aspects to professional success and it is not essential that all of these have to be present. Success is anyway subjective, situational and contextual. We all have our own parameters of success. However, there could be some parameters to success.

Parameters of Success

  • Doing much better than you were in terms of stability and money.
  • Doing better than your peers. However, this is very subjective and fickle.
  • Doing better than your parents or grand parents in terms of income or lifestyle.
  • Earning lots of money.
  • Getting fame and recognition.
  • Being content with your chosen field.
  • Using the workplace as a source of money so that you can lead a balanced life.
  • Being able to manage a family.
  • Social recognition and stability.

There could be many more parameters to determine whether you are successful at work or not. However, the above gives an indication that professional success is not as objective as you think it is. Everyone has their own standards. If you do not have, then it is important to understand your own parameters. Not look at or ape others or follow the ‘done thing’. Also, you will find that these criteria will keep changing throughout life. We are not consistent in what we want. However, whichever criteria we adopt, we are always looking for ways to reach our goals.

Tools for Success

There are so many programs and tools being offered these days. These are in the forms of books, videos, corporate programs, motivational speakers, business coaches and so on. Some claim to have their own methods. Some propagate, adopt or modify aspects from different cultures and religions and convert them into programs. Therefore, we have programs based on Buddhism, Karma Yoga, Arthashastra, Gita, Bible and so on. It just shows how anxious we are to get what we want.

We feel that doing these courses and reading self help books will automatically make us successful. What we forget is that we need to make a lot of changes within us which is difficult. Some of the changes required for professional success are:

  • Change in lifestyle. Follow routines and discipline.
  • Learn to achieve moderation. Over-work does not help.
  • Learn to eat healthy and in moderation.
  • Learn to rest well.
  • Have some hobby or recreation.
  • We have to remain fit and disease free if we have to be successful.
  • We need to learn to manage stress and also manage our emotions.
  • We need to change our interpersonal aspects and interactions.
  • Improve our focus and channelize energy in the right direction.
  • Try to work with full attention and awareness.

All of this is a tall order and it may or may not be possible to manage these simultaneously. However, there are a set of practices which can be followed daily which make you more focused and relaxed and help reprogram your brain effortlessly. You just need to follow this routine. It is available on wellzee as part of our stress management section. Take your online success program today and improve upon your success.

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