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The Significance Of A Balanced Diet

“ You are what you eat ” this statement itself tells you the importance of food in your life. The diet you consume directly determines your health and everything else in turn. The diet that you consume should be balanced in nutrients, adaptable to your life, and should be ideal for your body type. Read on to know more about the basics of what comprises of a balanced diet.

What is a Balanced Diet? Simply put, a balanced diet consists of an ideal quantity and ratio of diet that stimulates good health and growth. The body should get its nutrients from different sources like:



Whole grains




Eating a healthy diet is important for healthy tissue and properly functioning organs. Lack of a balanced diet may lead to diseases, fatigue or infections. A balanced diet is also a subjective diet. Different body types need different ratio and quantities of nutrients. For example, ectomorphs can intake more fat and need more amounts of calories in the form of fats and proteins. Whereas, endomorphs, have almost negligible scope for intaking fat and need to function on high proteins and low carbs.

Some healthy sources of starch-based nutrients are potatoes, bread, rice etc. For protein foods like beans, pulses, eggs, and meat are advised. When consuming fats you have to make sure that it’s consumed in little quantities and that the sources are healthy fats like cheese.


Portioning is a major part of a balanced diet, having a balanced diet doesn’t only mean eating right but also eating in the right proportion and portions. It’s important to keep a track of serving sizes and how many amounts of calories you take in. Knowing the amounts of calories you’re going to intake and how many portions you will intake it in solves half the problem.

This is why when you eat outside, you have to remember to consume regular and light sized meals so that you aren’t digesting too many calories.

Make sure you add variety to the source of your macronutrients. Nature is a wonder maker, the more color and textures you have on your plate the more of an indication it is of a balanced diet being consumed. Ensure that you do not overcook your food or add too much cooking oil. Overcooking or over frying your food will kill all the nutrients the food inherently has, it’s always a good idea to lightly saute your food and if that is not an option then consume it boiled.

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